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Developer Loses Council Fence Row

Wednesday May 16 2012

A DEVELOPER has been ordered to remove a steel fence that was built around a block of flats in Thurnscoe which it claimed protected the residents from vandals.

Scholes Construction and Maintainance - on bahalf of Masma - applied for retrospective permission for the 1.8 metre-high pallisade fence that had built around the flats on High Street, Thurnscoe.

The fence blocks off space that was agreed to be left for car parking and the developers wanted to keep it, saying the car parking spaces were no longer necessary as none of the residents living in the flats had cars.

The report said: "Fencing has been erected to create individual yards to the downstairs flats, and to increase safety and security to the residents due high levels of vandalism.

"Since the works have been completed, the police involvement and number of incidents for breaking and entering and vandalism have dramatically reduced. No queries have been raised from any neighbouring residents expressing concerns over parking which indicates that the removal of the spaces does not pose an issue for neighbouring residents."

Council planners refused the request last week - which means the parking spaces have to be reinstated and the fencing removed.

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Reply Posted by Philip_booth2002 on Wednesday May 16 2012 at 20:36
bet the planner who refused does not even live in barnsley.

Reply Posted by Becky 'Dinky' Bamforth on Sunday May 20 2012 at 14:39
To be quite honest I think this just goes to show how much use our councill is. Screw whether he had planning to do it, he used his god damn initiative something we always get put down for. He noticed he doesnt need parking bays and that security fencing was more suitable. If this was my case and he came to me and told me well crime etc has been reduced I would have told him to keep his damn fencing!

Reply Posted by Jacquim9990 on Monday May 21 2012 at 11:05
As a landord to one of the properties in the block, I'm disappointed that the planning permission has been denied, especially as the council has erected the same fencing elswhere in the town That actually blows the argument that the fencing is not in keeping with the area right out of the water. People moan about tenants rights, well, my tenant has a right to live there without fear of harassment by vandals and their personal property and safety are paramount to all the Landlords of this block otherwise we wouldn't have opted for this drastic, expensive measure. it was an under-sight for the management company to not obtain PP first but that's all, it was the only way to protect our tenants and their property. I know everyone would love to see a landlord in the poo, but as landlords go in this particular development the only way to protect our investment is to protect the tenant, still we wouldn't have to resort to these extreme measures if the powers that are in charge stepped up to the plate and actually did their job. It does sadden me that the tenants have to have a huge fence around their homes, I would much rather see hanging baskets and window boxes, but that will never happen. An englishman's home is no longer his castle, thanks to society it needs to be an impenetrable fortress....