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MP Michael Dugher demands answers from Alton Towers

Monday June 8 2015

MP Michael Dugher MP Michael Dugher

MP Michael Dugher has demanded answers from Alton Towers after a Barnsley couple were seriously injured.

Mr Dugher has written to Nick Varney chief executive of Merlin Entertainments which runs Alton Towers. 

Leah Washington, 17, from Gawber, and Joe Pugh, 18, from Ardsley, were both hospitalised after suffering serious injuries on The Smiler rollercoaster on Tuesday, June 2.

Miss Washington has since had her leg amputated and Mr Pugh has suffered two knee fractures and extensive hand injuries.

Mr Dugher said: "It is simply horrifying that this young Barnsley couple travelled to Alton Towers for a day of fun and were involved in a terrible incident like this. We need answers now from Alton Towers."

Health and Safety Executive Officials are working on site at Alton Towers and have since closed The Smiler and two other attractions as their investigation into the incident progresses.

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Reply Posted by STEVEO on Monday June 8 2015 at 15:07
Oh Eyup, here he is again sticking his beak in, you should be asking why Asos has had 12, 000 people through its doors Dugher.

Reply Posted by Ray on Monday June 8 2015 at 16:26
Soundbyte Dugher. Only a week too late pal, What do you think The theme park has been doing since they shut it? I would have thought it was obvious they are investigating being that that's what they said all along they were doing.

Lower than a snakes belly trying to get on board this one for popularity.

Reply Posted by Mick on Monday June 8 2015 at 16:26
Perfect example of sticking his nose in where it's not needed just to grab a headline in this weeks local papers. His letter (reproduced on his website) is pointless. Asks them to co-operate with HSE, a process which started almost a week ago without any input from politicians.

Reply Posted by Brian on Tuesday June 9 2015 at 11:15
What a pathetic man!

Reply Posted by lee on Tuesday June 9 2015 at 16:07
what a waste of space this man is!!!!!!! were was he last week? i volunteer at a project for the homeless, and he refuses to attend when a session is open. he claims there is no homeless in barnsley??????? w****r he is. leave it to the big boys michael and stop trying to think you care. the only mp in barnsley that shows they care is dan jarvis.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Wednesday June 10 2015 at 10:18
And to think the good people of Barnsley East vote this clown in every time....