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Consultation on plans to charge developers in Barnsley

Monday June 8 2015

DEVELOPERS could be charged for building in Barnsley.

Most developments have some impact on the need for infrastructure and services.

The Community Infrastructure Levy is designed to ensure that developers pay a contribution towards infrastructure that is needed as part of any proposed development.

This could include safer roads, park improvements, flood defences or even schools and leisure centres.

If approved funds raised from it will be invested back into the local community.

There will be a six week public consultation from June 15 which can be found at www.barnsley.gov.uk/CIL.

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Reply Posted by ray on Tuesday June 9 2015 at 09:27
Too late, Higham, Barugh Green, Darton, Mapplewell and Staincross have been approved for over 2,000 houses. Our Shortsighted council have decided that's okay despite no new schools, doctors, or road infrastructure changes being announced with them. We had a chance in the election to try and change some of the dictatorship, but people voted blindly red again.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Wednesday June 17 2015 at 09:16
Correct Ray, these fools are only interested on getting their grubby mitts on developers cash to try and balance the books after DECADES of squandering our cash on hair brained schemes.
They couldn't give a monkeys about what Barnsley people want and are hellbent on paving over vast swathes of our precious green belt land.
I certainly didn't vote for these clowns and whilst ever I have breath in my lungs NEVER will!
The sooner the good people of Barnsley kick these clowns into the gutter where they belong the better.

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