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Safety Training Offered To Mobility Scooter Drivers

Wednesday May 16 2012

mobility scooter mobility scooter

SAFETY sessions are being offered to Barnsley residents who drive mobility scooters after a spate of accidents involving them.

South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership and Parkgate Mobility have teamed up to offer the free sessions after statistics showed that - in South Yorkshire in the last five years - there were 28 incidents involving mobility scooters and 17 people were either killed or injured.

Scooter Safe will involve a mixture of theory based and hands on sessions with attendees using a variety of mobility scooters, or even their own machines, to navigate their way around a series of obstacle courses and day to day situations.

The first course will be held on May 30.

PC Mick Hedges said: “The aim of the project is to help South Yorkshire residents with mobility issues to maintain their independence whilst enhancing their own safety and confidence on our roads and other public areas."

To book a place, email scooter.safe@southyorks.pnn.police.uk .

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Reply Posted by Kelly L Williams on Wednesday April 11 2012 at 10:34
They should be made legal that they have to undertake a driving test & they should have to have insurance on them....Few years back I had my 18mth old daughter in pushchair & my 2 week old baby in a carrier.  I were in Primark in town & some old granny on a scooter thats was obviously to big to get round shop, tried turning & instead of reserving pressed the wrong button and smashed straight into me.  Luckily I managed to turn pushchair, but myself & my baby were smashed into one of the mirrored pillar's.  It cut my babies head open & not one person in that shop asked if me & my kids were alright they all went running over to the old lady.  Infact I was escorted out of the shop coz I went mad...Complete & utter joke!!! She then went past me & didn't once even bother to attempt to say sorry....There was also a story about an old lady running over a child in Shafton a few years back & carried on going & it took a member of the public to chase after her & remove the key before she realised there was a child being dragged under her scooter.  I'd rather take risk with a drink driver than an old person on a scooter.  They shouldn't be allowed to drive these things without proper insurance's & licences!!!!

Reply Posted by Scott 'Skiz' Skirrow on Wednesday April 11 2012 at 10:43
Its about time... It would be interesting to know how many of those accidents were innocent members of the public who was injured by been run into by one of these scooters... Don't get me wrong, I think they are fantastic things to have and the independence they give people is great, when used in the correct manner.. But certain people abuse them and drive around the roads and pavements like maniacs... I would especially like to thank the lady in Meadowhall last year for running one into the back ankle. 2 weeks I was laid up and off work... The lady in question had never been on a mobility scooter before and had just rented it for the day from Meadowhall customer services... No sign of remorse after it happened, load of abuse from the daughter, like it was my fault for being in the way... Some rules for these things just makes common sense....

Reply Posted by Ali on Wednesday April 11 2012 at 11:02
My neice was run over by a woman on one of these scooters in barnsley market, the woman made it out to be my sisters fault for not controlling her child and drove off leaving me neice screaming and my sister and lots of other people including stall holders shouting after her, just shocking, my neice was lucky she didn't have any broken bones just badly bruised. People who use these scooters need to be made aware that they are responsible for their actions and can not simply drive off muttering under their breath that it's not their fault. Compulsory testing and insurance should be brought in by the goverment because these scooters are becoming bigger and more powerful and they need to be controlled.

Reply Posted by Scott 'Skiz' Skirrow on Wednesday April 11 2012 at 11:03
Yes Kelly, the incident with the 2 year old happened in Doncaster last year... Link to story below...

Reply Posted by Lph on Wednesday April 11 2012 at 11:16
I have to use a scooter. I have MS and cannot walk well, but I agree that everyone should do this. I have driven cars until I could not do it anymore, and I think this has made me a better scooter user. I have seen some bad scooter users who really need some training. I hate that all of uf users are tarred with the same brush, We are not all bad users!

Reply Posted by Scott 'Skiz' Skirrow on Wednesday April 11 2012 at 13:41
Just who is that in the picture, and what the hell are they wearing....

Reply Posted by Tarn Lad on Thursday April 12 2012 at 07:08
I think this is a good idea, but they do need to be insured like other motorised vehicles, as nobody is perfect and who would pay if anything did happen.

Reply Posted by scooter on Thursday April 12 2012 at 08:19
Mine is. Its fully comp. And taxed to.

Reply Posted by J-glover on Thursday April 12 2012 at 14:18
i was driving down the rod one tea time and  scooter was bombing towards me on the wrong side and if i hadn't have swerved i would have run them over. the thing is i would have probably been blamed...not that it was dark they had no lights on the scooter. Should they even be allowed on the road...after all we as motorists have to pay car tax not to mention insurance.

Reply Posted by Birdy York on Wednesday May 16 2012 at 09:17
Firstly if it was on the wrong side coming towards you they were acting sensibly as a pedestrian, if you read the highway code which you must have done to become a motorist, you will know that it's a pedestrians responsibility to walk towards oncoming traffic. If the pedestrian is a disabled person then they would be using a mobility device.

If you didn't see them, we're you indeed using due care and attention whilst driving?

That said there are a few mobi users out there that own it....

Reply Posted by Nrhemingway on Wednesday May 16 2012 at 10:15
my 2 year old neice was run over by one of these yesterday inside the alambra she was just walking along next min she had been hit some sort of training needs to be provided like it does to car and motorcycle riders i know they are needed but some riders really dont care whom is around them  

Reply Posted by kay on Thursday May 17 2012 at 15:10
its a gud idea, they need lesson on hw t ride them, y is it always us thts gotta move art a way of em. wen mi bearns born in nxt month n one gets in mi way a pram a ant moving, they can move. lyk this wi buses to, they think they have priority over otha ppl just cz ther old, dus ya heading half a time

Reply Posted by King Louis on Saturday May 19 2012 at 08:25
I dont think they need insurance or the 12 year old disabled girl cannot use her motorised wheelchair because any money her parents may earn will be going to the insurance company, that's if they will insure a 12 year old girl with one arm and one leg which is unlikely. I do think a bump stop should be fitted to the front and rear like in lift doors where the thing stops when it hits something or someone. 

Reply Posted by Donna on Saturday May 19 2012 at 08:31
My dad had one of these years ago and was told that he needed to have insurance to be able to use it on the streets, thought it was a legal requirement but have never checked into it.  They are a problem if not used properly though but they are a life saver for those that need them to get around.  I don't think anyone is implying that every user is a menace, obviously the problems are down to certain individuals, but they are a motorised vehicle and should be used with respect!