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Too afraid to send your children to the corner shop?

Monday June 1 2015

Last week MP Dan Jarvis welcomed government action to ban legal highs.

Mr Jarvis said he is "determined that no-one in our community feels too intimidated to walk down their own road, or too afraid to send their children to buy a pint of milk from the corner shop."

WABers do you feel too afraid to send your children to the corner shop? And if so, why?

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Reply Posted by Mr Reality Check on Monday June 1 2015 at 14:46
Yes - main reasons include:
- you cannot walk anywhere in Barnsley without hearing the F word (this is made worse by the fact that a lot of people in Barnsley believe it is acceptable to have a long distance conversation, without the use of a telephone).
- there is so much dog poo on the pavement and walkways (and broken glass)
- there are too many speeders and all the road traffic safety cameras were placed in areas to make money rather than in areas to protect children (and they've all been turned off).
- the area feels rough - visually and environmentally (atmospherically) i.e. there's ASBO enthusiasts who are indigenous to the area and drug abusers who would most likely rob my children of their money/items from the shop.
- paedophiles have more rights than victims
- my local shop never has what we need as it is being crushed economically by the overwhelming numbers of TESCO express style stores.
- there is no sense of community and if either of my children were to get into difficulty I have no faith in my neighbours to assist them and even less faith in the Police to do anything about it.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Monday June 1 2015 at 15:45
He wants to try walking through the town centre on a sunny day, he will definitely feel intimidated with the shouty alchos sitting on their ****** up perch outside peel street lavs or the smackrats constantly pestering folk for "busfare".
£50 MILLION quid isn't going to stop people from feeling intimidated by these people is it?
Meadowhall for me, you can stick yer £50 million pound town centre where the sun don't shine.

Reply Posted by Ex town shopper on Tuesday June 2 2015 at 13:15
Absolutely. And the reasons are
The intimidation from teenagers, the behaviour displayed in town isn't something I want my family subjected to. Swearing, drinking, fighting. The town is filthy and it's not going to change when you see adults chucking litter down in front of children. Until some adults start setting a better example the children are going to follow suit. No wonder the decent shops have all left the area and we are left with pound shops and charity shops. Even the market is being pulled apart. Meadow Hall every time for me now.

Reply Posted by Whats Occurrin on Wednesday June 3 2015 at 20:20
All of the above...good points, well made!
But how many of the people who hate this kind of crap, would be willing to get together and (in a diplomatic way), ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ???
Not too many, I would guess...lend a quid, and buy yourselves a backbone !

Reply Posted by Mr Reality Check on Thursday June 4 2015 at 10:25
In response to "Whats Occurrin" - I have attended several "Barnsley" events including the One Barnsley initiatives where we sat with the Council, Police, NHS, Public Health representatives and business leads to discuss how Barnsley was going to position itself either as a market town or a place for people to commute to Leeds and Sheffield.
There are systemic issues across every aspect of the infrastructure within the Town and wider communities - one of my biggest bugbears is the war cry about the pits being closed - my family were miners when the pits closed we adapted - I fell into the Tony Blair trap and went to University to get a better job and have made an active effort to stay in Barnsley - because if people keep moving away and skills leave the area nothing will ever improve - all that will happen is large companies will continue to take advantage of government grants to build large distribution warehouses in the area keeping the main workforce - low skilled and low paid - which in turn will continue to feed the mindset of "it was better when the pits were open" - and the dis-contention which comes from not being happy in your jobs will feed drug and crime issues - which will continue to draw police and other community resources away from keeping an eye on paedophiles and making the community a place where the kids are safe to walk to the shops.

I actively engage with third sector local community organisations by actively volunteering not just text giving money to them.
I do take a proactive approach to engaging and trying to make a positive impact on the place I live and I am bringing up my children.

I will take that pound however because at the end of the day money is money and I cold always use a backbone upgrade - please let me know if you are prepared to put your money where your virtual mouth is?

Reply Posted by Whats Occurrin on Thursday June 4 2015 at 12:29
Yep....where shall I send it ?