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BREAKING: Free MiCard Travel Axed Due To Budget Cuts

Monday May 14 2012

Barnsley Town Hall Barnsley Town Hall

THE popular MiCard scheme is to be saved, but a charge will be introduced for its useage, Barnsley Council has confirmed.

The scheme came under fire in the latest round of budget cuts as the council revealed it had to axe some of the £2 million it costs to run the MiCard, a scheme which offered free bus travel to young people at certain times of the day.

There were three options put to Barnsley's Youth Council to safeguard the future of the scheme - and out of 24 voters, 22 thought the option to introduce a fee was the best way forward.

Now, anyone using a MiCard will have to pay a fare of 30p per journey (even at weekends.)

A spokesman said: "This option removes the free travel element of the MiCard scheme entirely but it offers cheap fares all day, every day. Many other areas have a 60p minimum fare for young people."

The change will come into effect at the end of August, ready for the start of the new academic year.

Latest figures show that around 67 per cent of children and young people in Barnsley use the cards.

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Reply Posted by Rwarburton on Monday May 14 2012 at 15:31
This is NOT clear at all.  Is the 30p for all day travel, where the child "keeps" the ticket, or is it for 30p per ride?  Although reduced, I think we need more clarity on this issue.  It is what we were expecting to be honest, what with the drastic cuts from this MICKEY MOUSE government. 

Reply Posted by Dolly65 on Monday May 14 2012 at 15:57
same as above not clear also can they use it before 8 oclock for school run

Reply Posted by Dolly65 on Monday May 14 2012 at 15:57
same as above not clear also can they use it before 8 oclock for school run

Reply Posted by Dolly65 on Monday May 14 2012 at 15:57
same as above not clear also can they use it before 8 oclock for school run

Reply Posted by Bert on Monday May 14 2012 at 16:01
 Barnsley is LABOUR run - nothing to do with the current government --- so get your facts right !!!

Reply Posted by on Monday May 14 2012 at 16:02
We have rang the council for clarification - story has been updated. Yes it can now be used for the school run. And the fare is 30p per journey

Reply Posted by Amanda Heyes on Monday May 14 2012 at 16:31
if they needed the money u would have thought they would introduce it at the beginning of school hols not at the end...lol

Reply Posted by Guest on Monday May 14 2012 at 19:33
The new scheme will make it 30p per journey, all the time whatever the time of day or day of the week.

It is partly to do with the current government Bert because if they had not forced the cuts onto local governemnts then the scheme would still go ahead as it has done, it is only because of cost cutting that the mi-card scheme has had to change as the council now have less money to spend on travel for young people.

Reply Posted by Kirbycl on Monday May 14 2012 at 21:51
when does this come into effect

Reply Posted by Ken on Monday May 14 2012 at 22:13
They should scrap it all together - why should kids in Barnsley travel
at a subsided price, when they don't anywhere else in South Yorkshire ?

Why should Barnsley tax payers have to fork out for kids to abuse this
system when they are so lazy to walk and catch a bus for 1 stop.

Also if I was in charge of school buses I would scrap them too - have
you seen the mess kids make on the buses when they have been on a school
run? - most of the buses have to be taken out of service and sent down
to the depot to be cleaned as the kids throw anything they can find
around the bus (ripped bus seats, pop cans, LAGER cans, pop bottles,
glass bottles, newspapers, food, crisps, pop, milk, tampax, sanitary
pads, condoms... etc) ... Also everytime a school bus comes back off a
run it is very clear (with the smell & the tab ends) that the kids
have been smoking on the bus......

So for all the people that moan why there bus hasn't turned up, you know
why -- because it has just been on a school run and has been totally
wrecked..... which takes approx 90 mins to clean and 8 full binliners of

Maybe if they scrapped it altogether then there would be far fewer
idiotic kids hanging around the bus station at night causing chaos and
putting off many people that would go down town for late night shopping,
BMBC are just shooting themselves in the foot, as I know for a FACT
that many many people now refuse to go into town due to the amount of
kids hanging around

Reply Posted by Jorb39 on Monday May 14 2012 at 22:13
Well the council did not havebmuch choice. The neighbour sheffield council refused to introduce suchba scheame under the liberals so young people their have 60p fares.

Reply Posted by Guest on Tuesday May 15 2012 at 10:29
30p - it seems to be the only thing not going up in price - was 33p to school and back when I was a kid. And as for the comment about children destroying buses please do not tar them all with the same brush. Yes there are a handful of kids that are disrespectful but not all are. I have been on a bus with school kids and other then them being a bit loud and giddy they were generally quite respectful, stayed at the back of the bus so elderly people could sit at the front and did not throw around litter or smoke on the bus.
And as for saying children shouldn't be allowed to catch a bus at all well that is daft. Would you hyperthetically prefer your 14 year old daughter to walk home at 9 o clock down an unlit road with a lot of passing traffic or jump on a bus in a well lit area and get dropped off round the corner from your house. And before anyone says well I would pick her up that is not always possible.
People need to start and think about both sides of an arguement before commenting because to be fair these kids you are criticizing could probably make a better arguement.

Reply Posted by Bert on Tuesday May 15 2012 at 11:51
 And the current government only has to make these drastic custs due to LABOUR spending money the country doesn't have (which they ALWAYS do everytime they are in power)

Reply Posted by Bert on Tuesday May 15 2012 at 11:59
 You are VERY welcome to come down to Wakefield Rd depot and clean one of the buses that has just been on a school run - then I am sure that will change your mind as to how kids behave on the buses and how they get wrecked.

And YES, there are tab ends on them DAILY as the kids smoke at the back upstairs.

I never said kids shouldn't be allowed to travel on buses - I said they should scrap the Mi cards and free/subsided travel, nowhere else in South Yorkshire has this scheme and neither should Barnsley.

Reply Posted by Guest on Tuesday May 15 2012 at 12:12
And I didn't say that none of the buses get wrecked I said please do not tar all children with the same brush. And other areas do have subsidised travel. Students get on the buses in Sheffield for 50p with a student card.

Reply Posted by Daniel Holland on Tuesday May 15 2012 at 16:34
all these people saying that all kids wreck buses. no matter where you are, even if they pay to get on the bus, if they want to wreck it, they will! These people saying all kids wreck the buses, have they got children themselves or are they sad little people who have nothing better to do than say all kids are the same. Adults can be as bad as kids, does that mean adults should not be allowed on the bus either? Ive seen adults sat at the back smoking cannabis and drawing on the seats. Im 18 and I used to have the mi card, and when I caught the bus from school, there was the odd incident, but it was the small majority that were causing the mess. It seems that people these days have nothing better to do other than complain and find people to blame!

Reply Posted by Mags86 on Tuesday May 15 2012 at 20:37
in some parts of the country all school age children travel free on buses and have done for years long before barnsley started scheme why should we scrap t just because other areas of south yorkshir dont have free travel for children

Reply Posted by Sue on Tuesday May 15 2012 at 21:26
So, if with a Mi Card you can travel for 30p - and if you don't have a Mi Card you get charged full adult fare ------- Why is there a kids fare of 60p then ?

Reply Posted by Soozle75 on Wednesday May 16 2012 at 07:42
Not all school kids treat busses like this! And not all kids catch a bus for one stop. My teenage daughter and her friends got off three stops earlier than they usually do and walked the rest of the way into town so a mother with her toddler and a buggy could travel, when the driver refused to let them board. SOME of the drivers should shoulder the blame for behaviour on the busses. They could ask the passengers to behave in an appropriate manner instead of just turning a blind eye! As for rubbish I have travelled on busses and seen women empty out their handbags onto the bus floor. Its not just SOME of the kids that treat public transport appaulingly but SOME adults too. I noticed you mention eight bin liners full of rubbish but chose not to mention how much in small change is collected after said school runs!!!
School runs are run by a dedicated service now for the most part and Bright busses don't seem to have this much trouble?.....

Reply Posted by Sue on Wednesday May 16 2012 at 08:24
I see stories of people saying  "that'll be 60p each way now if they scrap the card I can't afford to give my son that a day to get to school!"
<<<<  Simple case, if you can't afford to spend £1.20 a day to send your kids to school (when the taxpayer has to fork out over £6000 a year to educate each and every child) then you shouldn't have had kids in the first place --- Too many people have kids and expect the government to pay for everything for you & bring them up FREE


And other stories saying  "I pay almost £20 a month in
bus fares, in August when the Mi card changes... i will STILL be paying
almost £20 in bus fares. It will end up being cheaper to take the kids
to school by car."

<<<<  Well I would like to see you run a car on £20 a month !!!!!!!


"I remember when it was 2p"
<<<<  Yes, so do I -- But I also remember petrol & diesel being 50p a GALLON when the kids bus fare was at 2p.

Reply Posted by Kdhaigh on Wednesday May 16 2012 at 09:03
the Mi cards should be used for free travel to get to and from school only (between 7am -9am and 2:30pm- 5pm), at all other time it should be used to get the 60p concessionary fare!

Reply Posted by Brettmcnic on Wednesday May 16 2012 at 11:00
when it was yorkshire traction kids ad a pass for bus travel , and if our council did not spend money on crap they would ave more money to spend

Reply Posted by Kdhaigh on Wednesday May 16 2012 at 11:33
the Mi card is the barnsley alternative to the childs mega pass in other south yorkshire areas, there are two Mi cards that enable the holder to get free bus travel between 9am and 9pm week days and all day saturday, sunday and bank holidays, so long as the journey starts or ends within the barnsley area. if you have a brown mi card with mega on it you can use it for a 60p concessionary out of free hours and in other south yorkshire areas, if you hold the green Mi card it's full fare. children need the passes from 11 years of age to qualify for the 60p fare, other wise SYPTE states that if no pass is produced it's full fare, the only children allowed the 60p fare are 5 to 11 year olds. hope that clears up the 60p fare.  

Reply Posted by Leon Trepczyk on Thursday May 17 2012 at 16:22
would it be 30p all the time or just 9 till 9

Reply Posted by Dale on Saturday May 19 2012 at 10:21
 Correction, it wasn't Labour who over spent and got this country in the mess we're in. It was the Bankers who made some seriously stupid investment decisions. The the Labour government had to bail them out at the cost to the tax payer.  

Reply Posted by Gemmamarie26 on Saturday May 19 2012 at 10:23
It's 90 p in Liverpool for a child when I saw one get on the other week. 30 p is cheap compared to what others pay. Think yourselves lucky!!

Reply Posted by Dale on Saturday May 19 2012 at 10:33
It has everything to do with this current Condem government. They have imposed spending cuts on Barnsley council along with every other local authority. Barnsley council have had a tough job trying to make savings. The MI card is the latest to fall victim to this incompetent government budget cuts.

So it has everything to do with the current Condem government. Could you please get your facts right!!!

Reply Posted by a parent on Saturday May 19 2012 at 15:53
Are you seriously saying that people who work full time for minimum wage should not be allowed to have children?! Maybe you're living in the wrong country/era/planet!!

Reply Posted by Hayley on Tuesday August 28 2012 at 09:00
Micard it was a good idea but I feel that it should be used as a half fare pass not free travel if we can't afford to sent kids to school via bus at the cost of 30p per travel then we shouldn't have kids at all I have two children one of which goes to high school and when I was at school it cost £1.10 return my mum had two jobs but still managed to pay that 16 yrs ago the free pass was good at first and my son's his worn out cos he got his pass when he was 7/8 yrs old so photo is very out of date so new updated one is going to cost us
£5 pound but still it's a saving for the next couple of years and as for kids wrecking bus and been disrespectful the drive can ask for there micard( form of ID) and report them to the school they come from (uniform usually gives you a clue!) rant over ps would of been nice to have had some sort of letter to state the 30p bus fare as if I wasn't looking to replace my son micard I wouldn't of know so my son would of not had enough money on him at the first day back at school thanks for that Barnsley council.

Reply Posted by natalie on Tuesday August 28 2012 at 09:18
about time the young kids started paying more they might see the real world to get a job and see what other people goto pay to get places instead making bus messie.

Reply Posted by susan on Sunday January 6 2013 at 09:05
The mi card should just be for school time ,we used to have a school bus for free but if you missed it you would have to pay full to use the normal bus ,when a child is in uniform they should be able to use the mi card and no other time .