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Report shows 276 businesses created in three years

Wednesday May 27 2015

BARNSLEY has seen 276 new businesses created in the past three years, according to the latest council performance report.

The report reveals that there has been 133 new business start-ups so far this year which takes the three year total to 276.

It also highlights that 762 businesses have been supported by the council to expand.

The report for the fourth quarter of 2014/15 will be considered by Cabinet on Wednesday (June 3).

Coun Alan Gardiner said: "The achievements we’ve made show that the council’s priorities of developing a thriving and vibrant economy, creating strong and resilient communities and supporting people to achieve their potential are leading to better outcomes for Barnsley.”

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Reply Posted by Ray on Friday May 29 2015 at 11:40
23,000 jobs short in this town and he's patting himself on the back. How many of these businesses set up make it beyond year 2? I notice they aren't reporting on that. Look at the arcade, 2 years ago this very site was reporting over 90% occupancy rates, have a look now all those independent businesses have gone. Most blaming the ridiculous business rates which are the same as towns that are doing a lot better than ours.

Our council does nothing though the shops are empty so they pave the streets. The town centres was a mess 10 years ago so they built themselves a new office block.

Keep voting failure labour, the Steve houghton serfdom.