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Fake goods warning

Friday May 22 2015

FAKE tobacco products and illegal alcohol are being sold across Barnsley.

The council have said reducing the amount of fake goods available across the borough is a key priority.

Coun Roy Miller said: “Counterfeit goods harm the business of the genuine producer and may be extremely dangerous. They are definitely not the bargain that people think they are getting."

If anyone has any information relating to fake goods please contact the council's trading standards team on 01226 773743 or email tradingstandards@barnsley.gov.uk.

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Reply Posted by Whats Occurrin on Sunday May 24 2015 at 15:03
Oh dear...HMRC are in a state of panic over lost revenue again !
Although some of these products are indeed extremely dangerous, I do wish the powers that be would not pretend that this is their main concern.
The fact is, all they really care about is the lost revenue which lines their dodgy pockets. It's a bit like Loreal' or Max Factor warning us not to buy a far cheaper brand, because it may melt our faces off !
Absolute cr*p, all they care about is a fall in their vast profits, made on their extortionately priced products. Weird how they still haven't figured out we're not all as stupid as they would like us to be !

Reply Posted by Tom on Tuesday May 26 2015 at 22:04
Considering tobacco is £2/kg on the global markets and the tax on it in the UK is roughly £200 per kg. It is no wonder that there is a black market.

Imagine if stamp duty land tax was 100 times the cost of the product.

A £40 000 terrace home, would incur a tax bill of £4 million. And it would cost £4.04 million.

Also, considering that tobacco duty is collected nationally, and not locally. It is in the interest of the town, it's council and it's people, for people to avoid paying tobacco tax.

Every £1 of tobacco tax avoided, is £1 that can be spent locally. If collected, the money is sent to central government and then it is disproportionately spent in the likes London on various infrastructure projects and housing subsidies.

BMBC should be actively encouraging people to avoid paying tobacco duty, and turning a blind eye to it, as it would be of massive benefit for the town for money to be kept local, and also for BMBC itself!