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Should parents be fined if their kids are late for school?

Thursday May 14 2015

SCHOOLS will be allowed to fine parents £60 if pupils are repeatedly late under a controversial plan on late-gate patrols.

Schools nationally hit the headlines last week saying tardy parents will be fined if their children are consistently late.

Now, thousands of schools across the UK are targeting children who regularly miss registration.

What do you think? Should the scheme be implemented in Barnsley? 

Have your say in the box below.

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Reply Posted by Whats Occurrin on Thursday May 14 2015 at 18:06
OUTSTANDING!!! The powers that be have come up with yet another way of stealing our money! If this system of fining parents actually comes in...Ignore it, refuse to pay it, because this would NOT stand up in a court of law.

Reply Posted by buttercup1707 on Friday May 15 2015 at 10:36
I agree. What will the powers to be invent next for our children. I can just see Shafton Academy making the most of this new excuse to rule the roost. Wonder what they will do with the money?? My daughter has never been late but I bet the first time she is I will be finned..... I agree with you, don't pay it. Life is hard enough ah with out more pressures from the perfect group of people in our community.

Reply Posted by gazza on Friday May 15 2015 at 14:15
Whoever decides on these ideas need to go back to school themselves... My children are all grown up now but if it was my child and I knew we were going to be late and be unable to afford the fine I would just phone them in sick and they would then lose a full days education instead of 10 minutes.

Reply Posted by lee on Saturday May 16 2015 at 09:29
ok that's fine........so who do we report the teachers to when they arrive late for class? mmmmmmm. thought so,

who thinks up these brainless money scrounging ideas?

does the council fine its employees when there late ?

Reply Posted by Bill on Saturday May 16 2015 at 10:59
Those who habitually arrive on time won't find a need to join this discussion.

Reply Posted by Whatever next! on Saturday May 16 2015 at 14:08
OMG!!! How ridiculous is this!! Getting into trouble the week before for having ur hair dyed, into trouble for having the wrong colour socks last week.....now getting fined for being late this week! Whatever next! Honestly this is a joke!...........I'd like to see how many parents would pay this!!.......funny coz I went into school recently and saw a teacher with bright red hair and another teacher apologizing for being 5 mins late!.........One rule for one and all that........

Reply Posted by Joo on Sunday May 31 2015 at 00:41
For the record it's the GOVERNMENT that bring in this rule NOT the schools.
Although if your child is where they're supposed to be rather then hanging round the local shop smoking with their friends it will not be an issue.

Reply Posted by joe stones on Friday September 11 2015 at 18:00
Please realise that any money accrued during these fines goes to the Local authority and not the school, the school is legally obliged to fine the parents but get £0 of the actual money. Likewise with unauthorised holidays, the school gets nothing. its the LA your issue should be with not the schools, its poor form naming schools too.