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Children's home plans revealed for Cudworth

Friday May 8 2015

PLANS to convert a property in Cudworth into a children's home have been submitted to the council.

Kirsten Gaskell, who has lived on Barnsley Road for 12 years, has applied to the council to change the use of her house.

The application shows three full-time and six part-time staff will be present, providing 24-hour supervision if the home is given the go ahead.

A letter sent by Miss Gaskell to residents read: "Our home is offering an opportunity for up to three children to live with us.

"They would normally be placed within foster homes, but due to the fact that there are not enough carers in our local area they are then placed into care due to no fault of their own.

"It is our wish that these children should be and will be living a normal life within a normal environment within our community. Our home will not be a secure unit or a half-way house and will not pose any concern to our neighbours.

"They will not be left to their own devices and so will not be posing any nuisance to neighbours or our community."

Comments can be made on the council's website until May 11.

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Reply Posted by Annie Crossland on Monday May 11 2015 at 11:51
Can anyone help please I lost a gold belcher chain with a little heart,cross ,anchor and St. Christopher on,It was most likely lost while shopping in Barnsley market on Saturday morning. I am 81 years old and have had this for most of my life so it has great sentimental value.Reward offered .

Reply Posted by A worried resident on Monday May 11 2015 at 14:08
If these "Children" aren't going to cause concerns in the area why do they need so many carers?
Is this just an opportunity for somone to make pots of money? I know how much will be paid per month from the powers that be for this so called care and it's mind boggling.
House them in the town hall, they don't seem to be doing much with it these days.

Reply Posted by Janet on Monday May 11 2015 at 15:03
If there is such a shortage of carers then why has BMBC closed the home on Huddersfield road.

Reply Posted by Paul on Monday May 11 2015 at 15:41
The owners of this house must have other motives for doing this like a big financial gain, nobody just "gives up" their home out of the goodness of their heart, houses there must be worth in excess of £130000, what is not mentioned above and why the article is very miss-leading is that this is going to be run as a business, as they mentioned in a letter to local residents, the owners will not be stopping there, they will be employing "staff", the children will not be stopping with them in a normal home environment, as with any business profit rules. There is also another home in Cudworth near the church and this always has the police there and Windows boarded up, the residents are very concerned about an eyesore such as this near their homes.

Reply Posted by Whats Occurrin on Monday May 11 2015 at 16:55
Awwwww, how thoughtful you are, looking after these poor kids....
from where? Sat on a sun-drenched beach, spending your profits while others are employed to do the work for you? Shameful....at least Fagin looked after the kids himself!

Reply Posted by Paul on Monday May 11 2015 at 18:49
Exactly Whats!, please also read comments on the Barnsley Chronicle FB page regarding the story, a lot of people, who live nowhere near the location might I add, have been blinded into believing this is a godly good deed, when in reality this is a profit making venture disguised as a charitable notion. The house and location is entirely unsuitable and as I say, money and profit will be the only motive behind this. if repairs to doors and windows start to affect the bottom line will their charity soon run out? I think so

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