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Official gypsy site closed by council

Friday May 8 2015

The Grange Lane traveller site The Grange Lane traveller site

A CONTROVERSIAL site developed by the council to offer a temporary stopping place for gypsies and travellers has been closed just weeks after it opened.

The 11-pitch site on Grange Lane had temporary toilets and water facilities installed - all have now been removed after enforcement action had to be taken against nine caravans that ignored the two-week limit and stayed for eight weeks.

Enforcement officer Paul Brannan told the Chronicle: "We need to have a further chat with residents before we use it again.

"We have temporarily closed the site pending further discussions about the use of the site in future. We owe it to the residents to do that."

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Reply Posted by Whats Occurrin on Saturday May 9 2015 at 14:54
Did the council actually consult the residents BEFORE they came to the decision of squandering OUR money on opening this site? Or did they use their own power-mad strategy of "let's demolish a perfectly good library, because no-one uses it" ploy? Only to change their minds and decide to build a new one, at greater expense. The mind boggles!
If the so-called "travellers" didn't carry with them the reputation of being thieves and litter louts, I don't believe many people would mind their temporary "camps".
Unfortunately, they do regard themselves as being above the law, because councils and the police are too scared to move them on.
How about actually charging a fair rent for their stay, to cover the cost of clearing up after they leave? Then we, as permanent residents would not have to pay for their little "holiday". I enjoy camping holidays, but have yet to find a site to pitch my tent, that doesn't charge me for the privilege of staying there!
Councils....grow a pair. If the money for cow-towing to these people came out of YOUR pockets instead of OUR council tax, I do believe you would quickly "MAN-UP".

Reply Posted by Me, here, now on Sunday May 10 2015 at 18:13
What Paul Brannan is actually saying is that the site was closed down for the election, and now that Labour are back the site will be quietly re-opened. The first the residents will know about is is when more 'travellers' take residence.

Reply Posted by NEIL on Sunday May 10 2015 at 18:36
its alright every body moaning council this council that,,but havent majority of you people just voted to put same people back in local council,,,i think hypocrites spring to mind!!!

Reply Posted by Ray on Monday May 11 2015 at 09:17
and voted straight back in by the sheep.

I am amazed a yet another labour landslide when these things happen week in week out.

Reply Posted by Me, here, now on Tuesday May 12 2015 at 10:14
Neil, the recent elections weren`t for local councillors, but your point is100% valid, and that of Ray.
Let`s face it Barnsley is the most secure Labour seat in the UK, if the council increased everyone`s council tax by £5000 a year they`d still get voted in.

Reply Posted by dedatodd on Tuesday May 12 2015 at 10:55
A number of seats on the council where up for election this time around and again the 'labour' stranglehold continues. This story beggars belief, the objections to this site are strangely similar to the reason the site has been closed - funny that isn't it!
And we now have a team of undesirables on Land across from the Hope and the clean up bill for this will be picked up by the locals, what about using the laws around repossession to pay for fines / non payments against these people, they seem to have nice vans and caravans - and I reckon these caravans have toilets in them as well, so why they think its acceptable to use the path down from the site they are using is beyond me!!!

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