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Council Seeks To Compulsory Purchase 'Blight' Houses

Thursday May 10 2012

Welland Crescent Welland Crescent

DERELICT houses that are said to be a blight on locals could be demolished by the end of the year if the government give the go-ahead.

Barnsley Council has asked for permission to compulsory purchase four ramshackle houses on Welland Crescent, Elsecar and knock them down.

The properties - number 46, 48, 102 and 104 - are owned by landlords and the council has been negotiating for over 18 months to try to buy them and knock them down.

But, a spokesman said, negotiations stalled and it was felt a compulsory purchase would be the only way to go. If there are no objections, the properties could be demolished by the end of the year.

A spokesman said: "The visual impact of the boarded up and fire damaged properties have a significant negative impact on the social well-being of the community, increasing the fear of crime and anti-social behavior.

"The properties are beyond the point of economical repair and that demolition of the properties is the most satisfactory course of action."

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Reply Posted by Guest on Thursday May 10 2012 at 12:48
Its good that the council is acting on this, but the idea that the owners make money from this is ridiculous. The properties are on the verge of collapse and of no value at all, the owners have made no attempt to make them safe. The council should demolish & clear the sites and bill the owners for the cost, then let the owners try to sell the land if they can.

Reply Posted by Guest on Thursday May 10 2012 at 13:05
To the above comment --- thats the way it goes -on rent or this way the owners never lose out and I agree with you .

Reply Posted by Owd Sam on Thursday May 10 2012 at 14:51
Peraps Barnsley carncil will put their own houses in order as well.  The old Park house darn Wusbra Dale ez been stood empty an boarded up for ages.  Wor a good ouse in its day shame to see it gettin all dilapidated like.  Still its only publics money thats gooin to waste so I suppose its alreight.!!

Reply Posted by Guest on Tuesday May 15 2012 at 10:19
This is a bad message to all schemeing lazy landlords that they can leave their properties to go to ruin and the council will buy them and knock them down. I agree they should be some kind of charge and responsility to the landlords for not making an effort. But then from the landlords point of view i suppose they paid for them at some point and if they are fire damaged thats not really their fault. A tricky situation.