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Elsecar travel figures on the rise

Wednesday May 6 2015

Elsecar Elsecar

RAIL passenger numbers from Elsecar have gone up by almost 19 per cent - and will continue to rise as new homes are built, experts say.

Figures released by the Office of Rail Regulation said that ticket sales rose to over 150,000 in 2014.

Most commuters travel to Barnsley or Sheffield with a smaller number to and Leeds and Huddersfield.

A SYPTE spokeswoman said: "Before development of Elsecar park and ride there weren't any formal parking facilities at the station so people parked on local streets which caused congestion and road safety concerns.

"Pedestrian access to the platforms were steep and not compliant with current standards.

She added: "Elsecar park and ride aims to encourage rail travel and reduce car use to help reduce emissions by making it easier to access rail services."

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Reply Posted by Lisa on Wednesday May 6 2015 at 20:11
There would be more people using Elsecar station if all the Sheffield to Huddersfield trains stopped there. They seem to stop at every other station on the line except Elsecar apart from the odd train in the morning and tea time rush hours. Any idea why they don't all stop there?

Reply Posted by paul on Thursday May 7 2015 at 01:52
It would help even more if that huddersfield train was reinstated, but to what i understand it was barnsley councils final word that put an end to that extra service, that's one of reasons i'm after voting labour and its stupid decisions out of barnsley BRING ON UKIP hopefully.

Reply Posted by martin on Sunday May 10 2015 at 08:08
a train driver pal of mine told me they had to miss a station out because the leeds/sheffield fast train kept being held up.

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