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Yobs massacre pigeons in attack

Friday May 8 2015

Pigeon Murder Pigeon Murder

MORE than 50 pigeons were murdered by yobs who broke their legs, pulled off their wings and chopped off their heads.

Scott Algar was horrified when he discovered the scene at his allotment on Field Lane Allotments, Stairfoot, and immediately called the police.

Scott, 41, of Chestnut Crescent, said: "It's quite heartwrenching - I've had some of my pigeons since they were babies and some were 14-years-old. The last bird I had to kill, she only had one wing left and had managed to get herself up two nesting boxes with broken legs to get back to sit on her eggs."

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Reply Posted by Sue on Friday May 8 2015 at 19:39
There is some right sick individuals in this town. Sorry for your loss Scott. These evil people should rot in hell!!

Reply Posted by Phil on Friday May 8 2015 at 20:11
Sorry to hear about the pigeon's scott. I hope you soon recover your loss and regain your pleasure. Low life scum...they will get their turn to be hurt. What goes around comes around. Best of luck with it.

Reply Posted by mrx on Friday May 8 2015 at 21:19
there was another on Field Lane Allotments, Stairfoot on the same night done same further down too

Reply Posted by Marie JONES on Saturday May 9 2015 at 10:32
Murdering bas..ds Those people need to be locked up for a long time, not just punished with a silly fine or sentence. I am very sorry for Mr Algar loss of his pigeons. My dad in law used to keep and race pigeons so all my sympathies towards your sadness.

Reply Posted by Whats occurrin on Saturday May 9 2015 at 14:12
This is how psychos start, by committing cowardly acts of barbarism against innocent, defenceless creatures. They obviously have "little man in big coat syndrome", and would be terrified of anyone or anything their own size.
Pieces of sh*t like this should be taken directly to the nearest vet, and put down before they have the opportunity to inflict their spineless acts on others.

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