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RSPCA reveal shocking animal cruelty report

Tuesday May 12 2015

Paul The Cat Paul The Cat

PET cruelty is on the rise locally according to the latest figures from the RSPCA.

Inspectors say shameful animal cruelty cases - which include an attack on a pet rabbit that had to be put down after its back was broken in two places and a kitten that died after being microwaved by its owner - are on the rise.

In recent months a cockapoo type dog was found in Wombwell with a horrific gaping wound to its neck and just last month a horse had to be put to sleep after being stabbed in the stomach in a field in Hoyland.

The RSPCA's chief veterinary officer James Yeates said: "Most of the complaints we receive involve animals being neglected or not receiving the right care and often we can put that right by offering welfare advice," he said.

"However, it is shocking that people are still being deliberately cruel in what can be disturbingly inventive ways."

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Reply Posted by Gill on Thursday May 14 2015 at 17:41
absolutely sickening... should do the same to the perpetrators when they are cought....

Reply Posted by Buttercup1707 on Friday May 15 2015 at 10:45
It is a extremely worrying thought that our young people can think up such sadistic ways to end defenseless animals lives. What will it lead to next though???? We are supposed to be living in 2015 but instead some of us still behave barbarically. Have we not evolved to be better than this?? Some of us have but I fear for the rest. What comes next for them?? people??