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Arcade shop announces closure

Thursday April 30 2015

Timeless Timeless

A SHOP on Barnsley's historic arcade will close today - after being open less than a year.

Timeless moved into the former Frank Bird shop in September selling vintage items and craft.

Workshop space was offered upstairs where a seamstress offered locals lessons in how to make.

The business announced its closure on Facebook earlier this week and says it plans to move online.

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Reply Posted by David Wood on Thursday April 30 2015 at 15:22
We need to get back to where we once were. We need to have the largest outdoor market area Yorkshire, we need a niche. We need to attract Market Traders from all over the UK to Barnsley. Once we have a niche and 1000’s of people visiting us, then decide if we need the new buildings.
What we need are 1000’s of shoppers, coach loads visiting us. Give them back what they miss about Barnsley before investing millions on new buildings and shops.

Reply Posted by Tom on Friday May 1 2015 at 10:11
I agree David, but for it to be a success rents must be very cheap indeed.

Most of the stuff we buy is now made in China, and most of it can be bought direct and posted to your door, from China. I can buy a 10p or £1 item and have it delivered at no extra cost by China Post.

To send even a 10p item in the UK via post cost £2.80+

To rent a stall at the market and make some money, one has to double the price of a 10p item and sell a hundred to pay the rent of the stall before you even sell any items to make a personal profit.

It is often more financially beneficial to merely pretend to work and get your tax credits, housing benefit etc., than to actually risk losing money by working in a way where one becomes liable for additional rent or postage costs for example. If one is self employed that is.

We canny compete laddy!

Reply Posted by Ray on Friday May 1 2015 at 11:07
such a shame, the Arcade had a load of independent shops open over the last 2 years, I walked down yesterday and almost all of them were now shut.

The town is on its backside, we have no private businesses - offices and the likethat operate in the town centre anymore so most shops throughout the week depend mainly on pensioners, mums and students. Despite the fact we've had no upturn in the town centre fortunes in the last 30 years I will not be surprised when everyone votes in the labour council for another 5 years next week.

I despair.

Reply Posted by zanthia on Friday May 1 2015 at 19:05
The arcade could be so beautiful. It needs to revert back to the victorian shop facades like the small kingstone jewellery shop has, make it into something special like they have with the victorian arcades in Leeds.
The estate agents that deal with the majority of the shops on the arcade are less than useless so maybe the owner of the arcade should look into changing his estate agent and also ask a reasonable rent.