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Grimethorpe woodland to undergo improvements

Wednesday April 29 2015

West Haigh Wood West Haigh Wood

MORE than £30,000 will be spent on improving West Haigh Wood in Grimethorpe.

The area has received funding from the Forestry Commission, and a section 106 grant - where money comes from developers who put aside money to be spent in the communities where they have built.

The woodland thinning process will be done by horses.

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Reply Posted by Tom on Tuesday May 5 2015 at 00:28
I was recently involved with the Forestry Commision and did some voluntary work in Grimethorpe along with many others, coppicing trees and what not.

I'd be happy to get involved and do more. The thing is though, it'd be nice if there could be some financial recognition. For example, I am crying out for work, like many others, including the others who did voluntary work. And I have a very small income and am really struggling to eat even a basic diet and pay the likes of council tax.

I'd rather not start using the foodbank to get by, and would prefer if there was some 'scheme' operational where people could work and have the bills which push them into deeper poverty like council tax reduced in lieu of wages.

There are many services that need to be done, and I cannot afford to pay tax in the state sanctioned currency. Why cannot one pay his taxes in Labour instead?

My local labour councillor said it would be akin to slavery and illegal, but it would be a damn sight better to be a slave to the council than forced into poverty by them levying the highly regressive council tax.

For crying out loud, please give people the option of jobs and reduction to their tax bills, so that we needn't go hungry, is it too much to ask?

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