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Legal Action Taken Against Travellers

Wednesday April 22 2015

LEGAL action is being taken against travellers at a new site - because they've outstayed their welcome.

The site - at Stairfoot - was met with anger by local residents when plans were approved for its creation last year.

The 11-pitch site, on Grange Lane, is meant to be an 'emergency stopping place' which travellers could use for a 14-day period.

Seven weeks ago, nine caravans moved there - but they haven't moved since.

The council has not commented on whether rent has been paid but acknowledged it will now use legal action to resolve the situation.

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Reply Posted by Ray on Wednesday April 22 2015 at 14:07
Meaning, no rent has been paid and the amount of rubbish that's had to be cleared is in excess of what the council had anticipated.

Reply Posted by KB on Wednesday April 22 2015 at 14:42
Put them on Buckingham palace lawn; those down there made the rules let them deal with massive problems they've caused nationwide.

Reply Posted by jack on Wednesday April 22 2015 at 21:23
does the council honestly think theyl pay rent ? i think half on em dont live in our world ! more like disney world !!!!!!! time for a change ?

Reply Posted by nw on Wednesday April 22 2015 at 23:49
and didn't we see this coming, and Barnsley council want to make more sites what a laugh.

Reply Posted by m on Thursday April 23 2015 at 16:46
Don't let any more onto the site until this current situation is resolved as obviously they should have been monitored by the council more closely and moved off 'as soon as the 14 days in the emergency stopping place' were up! A law unto themselves. A good reason not to have any more such sites in Barnsley area at all no matter what those in London say! Surely the money could be better spent on roads/pot holes, child welfare, elderley welfare etc etc the list goes on and on .....

Reply Posted by Robdought on Wednesday April 29 2015 at 20:18
was this site an emergency site for Travalers to pass through. This site was officially run and managed by BMBC.

So why is today got a large amount of hardcore blocking the entrance and not allowing any vehicles on to the site.

Surely this is not another BMBC waste of money project. So if any travellers pass through Barnsley Tommoror don't be surprised if there on your car park or local football teams pitch.

Come on BMBC what's your response to this point.

Reply Posted by Ellen on Tuesday May 5 2015 at 09:34
now they have set up camp on the area behind Cherry Trees Nursing Home/entrance to Hoyle Mill Country Park on Rotherham Road, Cundy Cross, because they cant get back in to the site specifically made for them! Madness!!

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