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Car Show Organiser Slams Council

Friday April 17 2015

THE organiser of a popular Volkswagen car show held annually in Elsecar for 17 years is furious that Barnsley Council asked him to move it elsewhere.

Simon McNamara has been running the 'Elsecar Mega Meet' every year from Elsecar Heritage Centre.

It took place this year on Easter Monday, attracting around 1,600 visitors who flocked to the village.

But Mr McNamara has now been told by Barnsley Council that the show will have to move on as it has "outgrown" the venue and there's not enough parking.

Mr McNamara, 35, of Wombwell, said: "They basically said people who wanted to enjoy Elsecar couldn't enjoy it anymore because of us. I'm still in shock.

"Why do they want to shut something that makes money and then complain they have no money? They want their heads testing."

A council spokeswoman added: "The VW event is very popular and has outgrown Elsecar Heritage Centre as a venue.

"The last event had a negative impact on visitors and local people and there wasn't enough car parking available.

"The organisers know that they will need to find a new venue for next year and we'll support them with this."

Simon is now in talks with Doncaster Council to move the show to the Doncaster area.

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Reply Posted by Mick on Friday April 17 2015 at 11:15
Just shows how little imagination and good will there is in Barnsley Council to do anything outside the precious £50 million town centre project. Events like this bring much needed money from outside Barnsley and showcase the Heritage Centre, park and steam railway.

A small amount of money and imagination could create temporary parking facilities for occasional large scale weekend events.

- The school playground on church street and the field opposite could be used.
- The little used park & ride facility at Elsecar train station
- the whole of the park side of Armroyd lane where there are no houses
- and many more..

Reply Posted by paul on Saturday April 18 2015 at 10:11
And barnsley folk will still insist on keep voting labour in barnsley, but local interfering curtain twitchers dunt help either. That park n ride facility at elsecar train station was a waste of money aswell if theres anymore than 4 cars in carpark at any one time you'll be lucky. What are bmbc going to do if other businesses that are looking to come to elsecar and see this and decide not to bother cos bmbc are turning business away. If i was a business owner already in elsecar i'd be looking at this and consider upping sticks and moving elsewhere if this is bmbcs attitude. Not good for local economy and jobs is it.

Reply Posted by Ray on Monday April 20 2015 at 09:09
Yep standard knee jerk reaction from BMBC, rather than try to think around a problem they just cancel the event, I'm convinced there is no business acumen within the council at all. There is no accountability which is the main issue, A council officer will still get paid whether they try to help the car show or not, it was easier to not do anything therefore thats why it's been cancelled. I'm aghast that I still see the vote labour councillor placards out in peoples homes despite the terrible last 5 years that we've had. don't forget the only work so far that has begun on the town centre is new paving, I think it's a ruse by the council to show progress so that they get reelected, the new town centre project is still years away. Besides the sketchy arty illustrations has anyone actually seen any proper plans or timescales?

Reply Posted by Richard Cruz on Tuesday May 5 2015 at 07:21
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