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Fed-Up Residents Complain About Irresponsible Dog Owners

Thursday April 9 2015

IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners are causing an increasing health hazard, according to fed-up residents.

Hoyland locals regularly complain about the problem but their concern has been mounting over the past few months.

One woman in Lilac Crescent stuck signs on her fence protesting about dog muck on a grassed area just outside her front gate.

Janet Fullelove, of Barber Street, has now added her voice to the complaints. 

She said: "I have reported it to Barnsley Council but nothing seems to get done. We are dog owners ourselvesbut when we go out every morning with them we pick up their waste and put it in nappy bags."

Barnsley Council offers advice about the problem of dog fouling on its website and has an online complaint form. It says at its worst, dog mess can lead to blindness in children due to an infection called toxocara canis.

The advice says it is an offence for a person in charge of a dog not to clean up immediately after their dog fouls any designated land.

The council added: "We do patrols in known hot spots but formal action can only be taken if an offence is witnessed.

"Offenders can be issued with a £50 fixed penalty notice or may be prosecuted in the magistrates' court."

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Reply Posted by carol stacey on Thursday April 9 2015 at 20:02
its the same on Newland Ave and Manor road Cudworth on grass verges and pavements

Reply Posted by Jules on Friday April 10 2015 at 07:40
Its the same on grass verges where I live in Royston. To be fair there are always going to be irresponsible dog owners along with responsible dog owners. Some owners may collect in a bag but throw it into hedge rows further down the lane.

Reply Posted by rowe on Friday April 10 2015 at 17:11
What a surprise the same thing is happening in Staincross and Mapplewell. New road is covered on the paths and grass at the top end of new road. Despite complaints to the council and a local councillor living in the area in fact across from the main part nothing is done. On many occasions I have walked my dog on New road and in the village and seen dog muck and now horse muck on the paths. Why do we bother complaining or pay our council tax when nothing gets done. Thanks Barnsley council

Reply Posted by The Real Swifty on Saturday April 11 2015 at 11:22
WELL DONE WAB gone back to the old posting method.

Reply Posted by a resident on Saturday April 11 2015 at 19:59
councils not bothered theres a bloke brings 4 dogs to dearnevalley park every day at same time lets them run riot while he stands there doesn't stop em jumping on people and doesn't clean up after them then just puts em back in car and goes been reported a few times along with reg num nothings been done