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Missed Bus Services Causing Chaos For Reliant Users

Thursday March 26 2015

A MAN is keeping a written record of missed bus services after some people were left stranded miles away from their homes.

Lesley Holt, of Redthorne Way, says residents from multiple street would like to voice their concern about the Tates-run 34 service, saying it's not "fit for purpose".

"I'm getting together a list of bus times which are being missed," he added. "The elderly and the young are having to walk up to Shafton Two Gates which is a mile away to get to get the bus into town.

"We called March 11 'black Wednesday' as the service in the bus station stopped running from 11.30am until 3pm, leaving elderly residents stuck in the bus station.

"An 82-year-old woman was stuck for two hours until her daughter could come and pick her up, and an 88-year-old lady had to pay £11 in a taxi to get to her home at Dog Hill.

"It needs sorting out so residents have no fear of getting into town and getting back home on the bus without this problem occurring."

SYPTE deputy interim director general, David Young, said: "Service 34 is run on a majority commercial basis, so SYPTE has limited authority to influence the journeys that we don’t subsidise.

"However, under our conditions of contract, we have insisted Tates Travel develop an action plan to put positive changes in place, and we hope this will improve the quality of service they currently provide."

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Reply Posted by Paul salmon on Wednesday July 8 2015 at 19:58
And 4 months on there is no improvement whatsoever

I am sick of this USLESS operator that doesn't give too hoots about customer service

The 96/97 are missing every day now and it us causing misery

As for the authorities they have done absolutely Sod All to sort this out and it is time for action

I urge EVERYONE in Barnsley yo boycott Tates Travel indefinitely

If no one uses them then they will go bust once and for all!

Get this Bus Company off the road - NOW!!!