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Barnsley Election Results In Full - A WAB GUIDE

Friday May 4 2012

THE results of the local elections are in after less than a third of local people showed up to vote.

Data from the polling stations shows 28.9 per cent of locals cast a vote yesterday in the election - which has left some surprising results for the town.

Overall, Labour gained nine seats from the 21 seats contested and regained a tenth in St Helen's ward which had belonged to Coun Len Picken who died earlier this year. In Penistone West the party scored a surprise result - unseating the Conservative Mayor of Penistone Steve Webber.

Former Barnsley East MP Jeff Ennis return to the council, taking a seat in the North East ward.

The result leaves the Barnsley Independent Group - which was once expected to take control from Labour - with five seats out of 63 on the council after one defeat saw Fred Clowery, of Stairfoot, pipped to the post by  Wayne Johnson (Labour).

Out of 63 council seats the breakdown is now as follows: Labour (52); Barnsley Independent Group (five); Conservatives (five) and one independent of no group.

Full results - KEY: Italics, sitting councillor; bold: winner

Douglas Birkinshaw, Labour 1,262 (62.4%)
Dave Gibson, independent 347 (17.1%)
Colin Porter, English Democrats 286 (14.1%)
Anne Hayes, Conservative 129 (6.4%)
Ward turnout: 24.6%

Cudworth - LABOUR HOLD
Steve Houghton, Labour 1,684 (70.5%)
Terry Hubbard, BNP 244 (10.2%)
Gill Wright, UKIP 220 (9.2%)
Anne Campbell, Conservative 124 (5.2%)
Carol Stacey, English Democrats 115 (4.8%)
Ward turnout: 28.5%

Caroline Saunders, Labour 1,142 (46.8%)
Carmen E Hancock, Barnsley Independent Group 984 (40.0%)
David Burnett, English Democrats 209 (8.5%)
George Hill, Conservative 115 (4.7%)
Ward turnout: 30.3%

Darton East - LABOUR HOLD
Lesley Duerden, Labour 1,172 (45.8%)
Sharon Love, Barnsley Independent Group 910 (35.6%)
Howard Pearson, Conservative 234 (9.1%)
Sharon Sutton, English Democrats 185 (7.2%)
Ben Wilson, Liberal Democrats 58 (2.3%)
Ward turnout: 30.6%

Darton West - LABOUR HOLD
Alice Cave, Labour 1,608 (61.8%)
Ian Sutton, English Democrats 505 (19.4%)
Sam England, Conservative 488 (18.8%)
Ward turnout: 31.3%

Dearne North - LABOUR HOLD
Jennifer Margaret Worton, Labour 1,314 (69.1%)
Ian Garner, Barnsley Independent Group 501 (26.3%)
Jonathan Robinson, Conservative 87 (4.6%)
Ward turnout: 23.0%

Dearne South - LABOUR HOLD
Sharron Brook, Labour 1,848 (82.5%)
Susan Elaine Garner, Barnsley Independent Group 277 (12.4%)
Paul Edward Buckley, Conservative 114 (5.1%)
Ward turnout: 24.6%

Phillip Birkinshaw, Barnsley Independent Group 1,396 (49.0%)
Tony Wright, Labour 1,165 (40.8%)
Andrew Barr, Conservative 292 (10.2%)
Ward turnout: 35.8%

Hoyland Milton - LABOUR GAIN
Mick Stowe, Labour 1,524 (56.2%)
Damion Krska, Barnsley Independent Group 635 (23.4%)
Justin Saxton, English Democrats 243 (9.0%)
Elizabeth Hill, Conservative 183 (6.8%)
Brian Caton, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 125 (4.6%)
Ward turnout: 28.9%

Kingstone - LABOUR GAIN
Donna Green, Labour 1,099 (58.2%)
Geoff Bowden, Barnsley Independent Group 458 (24.3%)
Nathan Walker, English Democrats 120 (6.4%)
Danny Cooke, BNP 116 (6.1%)
Clive Watkinson, Conservative 94 (5.0%)
Ward turnout: 23.5%

Monk Bretton - LABOUR GAIN
Steve Green, Labour 1,398 (55.5%)
Grace Brown, independent 719 (28.5%)
Jane Hubbard, BNP 286 (11.4%)
Chris Pilkington, Conservative, 116 (4.6%)
Ward turnout: 30.2%

North East - LABOUR GAIN
Jeff Ennis, Labour 1,625 (54.8%)
Stella Milner, Barnsley Independent Group 1,250 (41.5%)
Peter Murray, Conservative 137 (4.5%)
Ward turnout: 29.9%

Phil Davies, Labour 1,391 (52.3%)
Clive Pickering, Barnsley Independent Group 665 (25.0%)
Donald Wood, independent 214 (8.1%)
David Peace, English Democrats 206 (7.8%)
Howard Oldfield, Conservative 182 (7.0%)
Ward turnout: 30.9%

John Wilson, Conservative 1,405 (42.2%)
Jill Hayler, Labour 1,298 (39.0%)
Gylnis Heathcote, UKIP 629 (18.9%)
Ward turnout: 36.0%

Penistone West - LABOUR GAIN
Peter John Starling, Labour 1,389 (47.6%)
Steve Webber, Conservative 1,337 (45.9%)
Robert Teal, Liberal Democrats 190 (6.5%)
Ward turnout: 31.3%

Rockingham - LABOUR GAIN
Emma Patricia Dures, Labour 1,611 (57.4%)
Steve Sylvester, Barnsley Independent Group 774 (27.6%)
Kevin David Riddiough, English Democrats 253 (9.0%)
Mike Toon, Conservative 168 (6.0%)
Ward turnout: 32.2%

Graham Kyte, Labour 1,573 (67.4%)
Jim Johnson, UKIP 322 (13.8%)
Edward Alan Gouthwaite, independent 248 (10.6%)
Gill Millner, Conservative 117 (5.0%)
Paul Robinson, English Democrats 73 (3.1%)
Ward turnout: 27.8%

St Helen's - LABOUR HOLD
Sarah Jane Tattersal, Labour 1,387 (81.2%)
Dean Walker, English Democrats 222 (13.1%)
Lesley Watkinson, Conservative 85 (5.0%)
Ward turnout: 21.6%

Stairfoot - LABOUR GAIN
Wayne Johnson, Labour 1,140 (46.1%)
Fred Clowery, Barnsley Independent Group 981 (39.7%)
Sandra Baker, BNP 193 (7.8%)
Delia Weldon, Conservative 102 (4.1%)
Frank Watson, Socialist Labour 58 (2.4%)
Ward turnout: 28.4%

Wombwell - LABOUR HOLD
Margaret Morgan, Labour 1,769 (73.3%)
Trevor Smith, Barnsley Independent Group 329 (13.6%)
Gary Carnell, English Democrats 192 (8.0%)
Alex Wilkinson, Conservative 124 (5.1%)
Ward turnout: 27.0%

Gill Carr, Barnsley Independent Group 1,108 (47.6%)
Kevin Williams, Labour 969 (41.6%)
Terry Robinson, Socialist Labour 126 (5.4%)
Helen Jean Smith, Conservative 124 (5.3%)
Ward turnout: 30.4%

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Reply Posted by GET LABOUR OUT !! on Friday May 4 2012 at 08:07
Not much surprise there then from a LABOUR loving ex-mining town.

People have VERY short memories - don't forget, the country is in the trouble it is in now thanks to LABOUR overspending !!!!

Reply Posted by Stephen Botwright on Friday May 4 2012 at 08:45
Remember what Harry Enfield said: 'L' is for Labour, 'L' is for Lice!!

Reply Posted by Green ginger on Friday May 4 2012 at 10:12
I think that people are in a quandary as to who to vote for. The coalition is making people miserable and labour managed to make a mess before they left power. You only have to look at the voting turn out. In the Dearne for example less than a quarter of voters bothered to vote.

I am guessing that most of the voters will be of the older generation hence the labour loyalty. Ex miners will never vote for anyone but labour. The younger generation probably just didnt bother to vote. At all. Pankhurst et al would spin in their graves.

Reply Posted by Timothy Wigglesworth on Friday May 4 2012 at 10:48
This country's mess is not down to the labour party and or the last labour goverment. It is down to a set of circumstances that was outside there control.
If it was something that they (Labour/Last goverment) had done it would be the UK and only the UK in the mire, as it is this is worldwide. 
Who ever had been in power in 2008 would have had to deal with it as it was on there watch, but it was not there fault.
Prior to Labour being back in power I witnessed 3 terms of conservative control and that like this time was depressing. Under Labours leadership a lot of positive things happened, new schools etc,,,, these will benefit our society for generations.... this would not have happened with the CONS in control.

Reply Posted by Neilfbutterfield on Friday May 4 2012 at 11:27
I  see Jeff Ennis is still addicted to " Bandwaggons " bless him , he will be able to get his pipe&slippers out and tow the party line. !!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply Posted by Allan on Friday May 4 2012 at 12:48
"C" is for conservative,  "C" is for ****

Reply Posted by b666rob on Friday May 4 2012 at 13:25

Reply Posted by Baz666rob on Friday May 4 2012 at 13:27
people in barnsley need to wake up et a grip and stop voting for the idiots distroying this country........

Reply Posted by Green ginger on Friday May 4 2012 at 15:03
Yes they did build a lot of things but only because they knew they were on the way out and spent up. I am not a tory voter either but will never vote labour again either. However people in Barnsley have an unreal view of politics and lets face it being a labour stronghold hasnt done this town any favours.

Reply Posted by Lenard1985 on Friday May 4 2012 at 18:26
People have VERY short memories - don't forget, the country is in the trouble it is in now thanks to LABOUR overspending lmfao LABOUR fuked the world up did thay

Reply Posted by Euph on Friday May 4 2012 at 21:20
It seems as tho the pro tory group here have forgotten just how their party and its leaders destoyed industry around here and killed off the mining industry thus starting this country of ours into a boom and bust culture. The area of Barnsley is best known for its down to earth view and not its pie in the sky politics. Dear Tory destroyers, you have a lot to learn about how your salaries and livelyhood is being eroded, oh I forgot, you don't pay taxes on your salaries do you, you have too much in the bank and get a tax cut.....you lucky people........And as for cutting spending, who will b e the first people to complain when there aren't enough police, firemen, ambulance people, or nurses to deal with your emergencies because this government has cut their numbers, wages and ability to live in this country, and forced them all aboad to find a reasonable living wage. Stop winging and realise that you have lost yet again......By the way most of the "idiots" here tend to be the tories.....think about your use of language before you call anyone else.

Reply Posted by Katrina Sykes on Friday May 4 2012 at 23:05

Reply Posted by BESSKATZ on Friday May 4 2012 at 23:21

Reply Posted by Dave burnett on Saturday May 5 2012 at 07:35
is easy just to slag the main stream parties off because we have all seen how
they mess things up, be it Labour, Conservatives or any of the parties who make
an attempt to not run the country but rather ruin it for their own financial gain.
But unless we can get the unhappy, demoralised none voters to have their say
and vote, we will keep getting the same greedy people back in control of our
towns and country. These parties are not bothered its only 30% turn out, they
know the other 70% would vote against them if made to attend the voting station,
so they are happy to let them stay at home and watch sky TV, then the Labour
followers can win. But, don’t get too complacent Mr Labour because when the
country rises from its slumber that 70% who don’t vote because they think there’s
no one worth voting for, then they will vote against you and you will be left
high and dry. Go on try it, make it compulsory to vote, and let’s see the
change take place, I dare you.

Reply Posted by Paul on Saturday May 5 2012 at 11:30
Stick a jack russell up as a labour candidate and most Barnsley people would vote it in......Labour/Conservative - Same horse, different jockey!

Reply Posted by dave h on Sunday May 6 2012 at 21:36
well said dave, i totally agree, the political system wants people to be demoralised about politics so the people dont vote.  this is us falling right in their trap..  but our forefathers did consider this when setting up our political foundations by leaving the "spoil your vote" option....people who are demoralised or refrain from voting would make a big impact in the national press and in the political psychie of people in this country if they could be bothered to "spoil their vote" as this would be read out on the podium when the votes are announced....just imagine......labour 2567 - cons 3456 - libs 1234 - spoiled votes 10987 - that would be a result for democracy and the largest talking point in politics for years.

Reply Posted by dave h on Sunday May 6 2012 at 21:53
all the parties are the same.....pontificating about the parties differences is such hypocracy - when have you ever known a party get in power and change all the things back to how they were and get rid of the previous parties decisions...they dont...they stand on the soulders of the previous parties work and decision - they paddle in the same dirrection, they talk the same language "bull***", they never change anything for the better other than for them....this is a class issue not whether your blue, red or orange....you either have or you dont......while the system tries keeping the have nots where they are by poorly educating our next generations....we have traitors in our ranks.