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Ban On Parking 'Spy Cars' To Start Next Month

Monday March 23 2015

A BAN on so-called 'spy cars' under a raft of new parking rules comes into effect in April.

The changes have been approved by government to stop overzealous parking enforcement.

Under the new laws motorists will be allowed a ten-minute grace period by traffic wardens, which means they can avoid being fined if a parking ticket runs out.

The use of CCTV 'spy cars' - which take a photograph of a parking offence before a fine is then issued through the post - will also be banned, except in no-parking areas around schools and bus stops.

But Coun Roy Miller said: "Firstly it's not a 'spy car', it's a camera car. I want to make that clear.

"Most councils, like us, use these camera cars sensibly after requests from the public to deal with illegal and irresponsible parking that causes danger to other road users.

"The vehicle is intended to act as a deterrent to illegal parking, and is liveried in the most conspicuous manner to attract attention from motorists." 

Once the new rules take effect, Barnsley's will continue to operate - but only in no-parking areas around schools, bus stops and bus lanes.

Other new guidance to protect drivers includes the right to challenge parking restrictions, such as charges and yellow lines, and tougher rules against 'heavy-handed' bailiffs.

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