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£400,000 Seized From Barnsley Crooks

Thursday May 3 2012

ECU cropped ECU cropped

POLICE have seized over £400,000 worth of goods and cash from crooks in Barnsley, We Are Barnsley can reveal.

In the last year, £413,897 worth of confiscations, forfeitures and cash seizures have taken place in Barnsley under orders made through the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).

The police have used its share of the cash to plough more money into fighting against burglary, theft and vehicle crime.

It also donated £30,000 to the South Yorkshire Community Foundation and, through this, the Barnsley Street Pastors were given money to buy radios so they could stay in touch with police and members running the Pubwatch scheme when they volunteered in the town centre on Friday and Saturday nights.

Graham Wragg, Economic Crime Unit Manager said: “The Force is committed to ensuring that money gained from criminal activity is seized and put back into the community. Criminals must not be allowed to benefit from their criminal activity and we will use the Proceeds of Crime Act legislation to ensure that they do not.”

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Reply Posted by Alfucker on Friday May 4 2012 at 02:36
Police got a share of this cash ? ....... O Dear  dear dear

Reply Posted by Paul on Saturday May 5 2012 at 10:54
The POCA could  spend the money they get a little more wisely, like projects for kids. Get them off the streets! Why use the money to fight crime when they could use it to help the reasons that cause crime......and every criminal starts somewhere. In saying that, look at the examples that our kids who are growing up, have - i.e. Our ministers of parliment for instance. It's not a question of, who's on the take? But who's not on the take?