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Racial Hatred On Social Media - Should Offenders Be Banned?

Wednesday February 11 2015

SOCIAL media users who spread racial hatred should be banned from sites such as Facebook and Twitter, according to MPs.

A Parliamentary inquiry was set up to focus on anti-Semitic posts after an influx in the summer of last year following more conflict in Gaza.

One recommendation it made was that those who carry out any kind of hate crime should be prevented from airing their views on social media platforms.

What do you think? Should banning orders be put in place? Have your say.

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Reply Posted by Whats Occurrin on Monday May 11 2015 at 17:43
Can anyone truly define the phrase "Racial Hatred", in today's society?
Personally, I very much doubt it.
We seem to have reached a stage in this country, where merely saying "good morning", or holding a door open for someone, could be taken as "offensive" in some weird way.
Perhaps the only solution to the current trend of constant whining about other people's comments or actions, is to ban conversation, laughter, eye contact with anyone we don't know, religion, and personal opinion.
Surely this would cure the problem?.....maybe not, because sure as eggs is eggs, someone would find the silence "offensive".