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Delays In Bin Collections On Multiple Streets

Thursday November 27 2014

SCORES of streets in Barnsley have been told to leave their bins out after a delay yesterday.

Homes which should have had their blue bins and white sacks emptied yesterday have been told to leave their rubbish out.

Streets concerned:

Royston: Church Hill, The Laurels and Lund Hill Lane

Grimethorpe/Brierley: Windmill Hill, Ringstone Hill Farm, Ringstone Hill, Reservoir House, Burntwood Hall Farm, Burntwood Cottages, Grimethorpe Cottages, Bridge Farm, Hastings Street, Cemetery Road backings, High St backings, Brierley Lodge Farm, Barnsley Road, Clifton Gardens, Hodroyd Cottages, Chestnut Avenue, Oak Road, Brierley Road, Ash Mount

Monk Bretton: Heysham Green, Ainsdale Court, Furness Dene, Carr St

Cudworth: Crosby Street, School Street, Charles St, George St

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Reply Posted by STEVEO on Thursday November 27 2014 at 12:34
Nothing surprises me anymore with the diabolical council. time for a change of leadership

Reply Posted by Norman on Thursday November 27 2014 at 12:49
Our whole street had our grey bins missed twice in a row so we went 8 weeks between collections. Everyone has a huge backlog of rubbish and now my bin has been stolen out of desperation. I called the council to ask for a new one and I've been told I have to pay, even though it would never have been stolen if they'd emptied our bins, it's ridiculous.

Reply Posted by Liz on Thursday November 27 2014 at 13:22
i think it's disgusting asking you to pay when your bins been stolen they make enough out of us paying poll tax somebody fired our green bin through it being left out after not being emptied on correct day then they never came to clear the mess up it had left

Reply Posted by STEVEO get real on Thursday November 27 2014 at 13:56
Steveo what makes you think any other council would be better end of the day its only bins getting emptied late its nothing major

Reply Posted by Mick on Thursday November 27 2014 at 17:47
Got to cut cut cut more on essentials now they have said they will spend £50million on town centre rather than £35million. Crazy.

Reply Posted by 4ft11andshinking on Thursday November 27 2014 at 19:00
Bloody shocking and worse to come with other services being cut too. Too much money going to OTHER things. We should be consulted on what we think is important as tax payers.....RANT OVER!

Reply Posted by Ex Citizen. on Thursday November 27 2014 at 21:56
This service is not acceptable, in fact its not a service& the councillor/s responsible for hiring these contractors clearly aren't doing their job either. How can they let a service provider operate as they want when they are paid to honour a contract. How can the council let it get to this. If all services operated as this one does then we would all be in a mess. Sadly I left Barnsley after 20 years to live & work overseas & I've never heard of such crap as this. Third world stuff.