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Pregnant Smoker Figures Fall Thanks To Service

Monday December 1 2014

THE number of pregnant women who are still smokers at the time of giving birth has fallen thanks to a service run by Barnsley Hospital.

Barnsley Maternity Stop Smoking Service was set up in March this year and has so far helped over 40 women quit smoking whilst pregnant.

The service, run by Rebecca Barker and Lynn Clay, arranges to meet the mums-to-be in their homes to help them kick the habit.

The team educate expectant mothers on the dangers of smoking whilst pregnant and start them on a 12-week nicotine replacement programme.

Together they come up with a plan to help the women stay smoke-free by focussing on changing habits and coming up with alternate things to do other than having a cigarette, for example brushing their teeth instead.

Rebecca said: "We visit the women in their homes as this helps them feel more relaxed, but it also gives us the opportunity to advise on smoke and fire safety in the home.

"We’re not here to judge but to build a relationship with them and support them through the process. We're available to mums-to-be whenever they need us throughout their pregnancy and also after their baby is born.

"It's rewarding to help these women quit smoking and you do feel proud of them when they stay smoke-free throughout their pregnancy and beyond."

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