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Renewable Energy Park Plans Set To Be Approved

Monday November 17 2014

CONTROVERSIAL plans for an £80 million renewable energy park are set to be approved this week - despite hundreds of objections.

The council's received over 300 letters of objection, as well as a petition signed by more than 100 people.

Peel Environmental's plan for the former Houghton Colliery site, off Park Spring Road, Grimethorpe is to generate power from waste food and timber. 

Businesses ASOS, Norbert Dentressangle, Sash Logistics UK and Sandhill Golf Club have also submitted objections.

Coun Dave North said: "There's a lot for and against it, but if it's going to be run all right I have no objections."

The plans will go before councillors at the planning board on Tuesday.

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Reply Posted by Mrs F on Tuesday November 18 2014 at 10:16
Objections make no difference. It will be approved today. Apparently it's been recommended for approval by the planning officer and the environment agency don't have an issue with it either. Fair to say that neither the planning officer nor anyone from the environment agency lives on the door step and will have to look at this unsightly monstrosity or put up with the smell from it. I would love to see a planning application for this over the other side of town like Cawthorne or Silkstone. They would listen to objections then from over 400 people and various parish councils that have objected. But it would never even get this far on the other side of town.

Reply Posted by . on Tuesday November 18 2014 at 10:35
People are going to object to having this up and down the country but the thing is we can't just keep throwing the rubbish in the landfills despite the communities trying to get on top of recycling. I'd settle for this rather than do nothing to protect the environment we have left.

Reply Posted by Mr C on Tuesday November 18 2014 at 13:10
Well maybe people don't want it on the doorsteps I can understand that but its a brilliant concept using the suns energy that is stored in old wood and waste food to make electric it seems a better idea than putting a nuclear power station there and its recycling waist that would otherwise be dropped in a hole and buried contaminating the land

Reply Posted by Mrs F on Wednesday November 19 2014 at 00:16
Agreed it's a great idea and all for finding new energy sources and Loki g after the environment but Mr C you've hit the nail on the head, people just don't want to see it on their doorsteps. There are plenty of out of town locations for these things that don't neighbour residential areas. I think that's the main point here.

Reply Posted by Mr A on Wednesday November 19 2014 at 12:08
Plans were refused yesterday by Barnsley Council.