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MP Calls To Abolish Millionaires' Tax Cut

Wednesday November 12 2014

Michael Dugher MP Michael Dugher MP

A BARNSLEY MP has called on the government to overturn the tax cut for millionaires.

Michael Dugher, the MP for Barnsley East, voted against the top rate tax cut, which is worth an average of £100,000 for those earning more than £1 million per year.

At the same time families will be on average almost £1,000 a year worse off by next year as a result of tax and benefit changes since 2010.

Michael said: "While thousands of working people in Barnsley have seen their taxes go up, millionaires have been given a huge tax cut.

"How can a tax cut for millionaires be the right priority when working people in Barnsley are still not feeling the recovery and the deficit remains high?

"Now the government want to cut tax credits again for millions of working families while keeping their huge tax cut for top one per cent of earners.

"As we have seen time and time again with this lot, they always stand up for a privileged few rather than hard-working people."

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Reply Posted by Mr C on Wednesday November 12 2014 at 17:07
Well done Michael Dugher

Reply Posted by DrDebate on Wednesday November 12 2014 at 17:42
Hypo-crypt this is the man who's Labour Party Introduced the Employment Support Alllowence to attack Disabled people and who supports the thousand of people that are ill and depend on ther e Benifits to live have financial sanctions. These people are one of the most vunerable members of society and his Party sits back.

You are forcing these peope to go to payday day loan sharks and loan sharks to borrow to feed themselves

This is the party that prevents old people from have to Heat or eat and thousands of WORKING families this year will not be able to turn on the heating due to high fuel prices. The energy company's make record profits.

Do us a favour Mr Dugher don't make statments about people's welfare and yiu men nothing.

Or and yes Mr Duger remember last year when the was a vote in the House of Commons on bedroom tax 46 Labour MPs failed to turn up to vote.

And what about the two billion ponds banks have been fined today.

You and your party are no diffrent to the rest of the free loaders in the House of Commons

Reply Posted by Cosmic clown on Wednesday November 12 2014 at 18:35
Well put Dr De'bates and how is your son young Master

Reply Posted by AHR on Wednesday November 12 2014 at 18:58
Makes you sick and yes I have copied and pasted this

Parliamentary copyright images are reproduced with the permission of

At a time when public sector pay rises are capped at 1%, the Independent Parliamentary Authority (IPSA) has recommended that MP's should receive a 10% rise in their salary, an increase of £7k on top of their existing £67,000. This increase would be on top of the 1% increase MPs are due to receive in April (taking their pay to £67,731), a month before the proposed 10%.

In return, MPs would have to make larger pension contributions and lose lucrative 'golden goodbye' payments when they leave office. IPSA, set up to monitor MP's spending after the expenses scandal, has said that the changes would not result in an increased cost to the taxpayer.

Chancellor George Osbourne has said the proposal was ‘not the final verdict’ and ministers would ‘tackle the issue’ after the general election. While Osbourne's view is shared by the main party leaders, some backbench MPs are supportive of the increase

Reply Posted by Me on Wednesday November 12 2014 at 19:39
Dr debate and cosmic clown are same person

Reply Posted by Mark on Thursday November 13 2014 at 16:17
what was the upper rate tax under labour ? 40%. Tories raised it to 50% and are now looking at dropping it to 45%.

Reply Posted by Rog on Friday November 14 2014 at 07:19
Don't know how Mark came up with than crap..Labour introduced the 50% tax rate in 2010...