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Mi Card Decision Expected Soon

Monday April 16 2012

Barnsley Town Hall Barnsley Town Hall

A DECISION is expected next month on the future of the MiCard scheme after it announced the service would be reduced in the next round of budget cuts.

Barnsley Youth Council have been considering three options put forward by the council to secure the future of the scheme - the options include charging an all day fare of 30p, even at weekends, to anyone using one; reducing MiCard hours to 5 – 9pm on school days and weekends with a 60p fare at all other time or a 20p fare at Mi Card hours only, between 9am – 9pm weekdays and anytime at weekends.

Judith Harwood, Children Young People and Families Executive Director, said: “I was really impressed by the sophisticated and detailed decision making process undertaken by the young people. In particular they considered how their decision would impact on the young people who they are elected to represent and they approached the whole matter with integrity and a sound moral approach.”

The scheme came under fire in the latest round of budget cuts as the council revealed it had to axe some of the £2 million it costs to run the Mi Card.

Latest figures show that around 67 per cent of children and young people in Barnsley use the cards.

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Reply Posted by Anon on Monday April 16 2012 at 15:38
Mi cards shouldn't be cut I'm 14 and if you don't have your mi card as it is I get made to pay full fair I only had a note once but the driver wouldn't let me get on because he didn't have enough change!

Reply Posted by Cunny77 on Monday April 16 2012 at 17:49
i think the hours should be changed, as what is the point in starting 9am when most kids have to travel to get to school for 8.45 and therefore shouldn't be expected to pay a fare if they have a mi card

Reply Posted by brad on Monday April 16 2012 at 18:40

Reply Posted by Pprentice on Monday April 16 2012 at 19:32
20p max seems fair but make it 24/7 for those who really need it.

Reply Posted by DISGUSTED on Monday April 16 2012 at 19:36
Barnsley Clowncil passing the buck , jobs gone services cut and still insisting on the Me Idle card fiascoyou all really ought to be ashamed of yourselves ,I for one will NEVER vote labour again .Why dont you grow a pair and do away with them . A bus drivers job is a profession AS a driver ,NOT BABYSITTING 

Reply Posted by Guestymcguest on Tuesday April 17 2012 at 08:21
Funny isn't it the council rarely ever asks the public that it's supposed to serve to make decisions for it. I'm sure if aksed we would sack half the board that keep putting all these half baked ideas forward. I'm with Brad, I never voted in a youth council to make decisons on my behalf as to where my council tax goes.

It really is time we got shut of this council they are reckless with the little money that they have, they frittered away in the labour years when they had money to spend. 20 years and counting for a new market,  the ridiculous Remaking Barnsley project, halo anyone? wall around Barnsley anyone?  tuscan hill village anyone? No i'll just settle for a shopping precinct with shops that doesn't look like sarajevo in the 90's. Lets build a sports centre on a school, 3 years later lets pull it down. Lets build a burger man and set fire to it.

One fiasco after another, lets get someone else in, I hate the tories but I actually think they should be given a chance on the council being that they are now so inept at doing their jobs. they keep telling us there is no money for "front line services" yet are pi55ing money left right and centre. Get rid of em.

Reply Posted by DISGUSTED on Tuesday April 17 2012 at 14:34
Nice one glad to hear im not the only one who thinks this is a charade i ts not a vote winner as the Barnsley people would vote Labour if it was a group of monkeys stood for council in Labour colou rs of course.How can this council use kids to tell them how to spend OUR council tax . Going by some of the students i have had the displeasure of meeting i would not let them pick there own noses let alone make a decision that has so much impact . 

Reply Posted by guest on Tuesday April 17 2012 at 20:13
Just scrap them all together make kids pay half the adult fare like everywhere else would stop the kids hanging about the bus station all evening and on a weekend then maybe we wouldn't have to pay to go to toilets as there wouldn't be gangs of lasses in the toilets kicking the doors off and making a mess

Reply Posted by Jorb39 on Tuesday April 17 2012 at 22:27
So young people don't vote or pay taxes or even council tax... So let's give them nothing... Maybe adults on here should rember that young people do matter. As a tax payer and council tax payer I am all in favour of the Mi card I'd rather young people can get home from school or evening activities safely on public transport. We should also go one step further and re-introduce free swimming. My god I can hear the blue rinse brigade who use their bus passes cringing at the thought of more young people on buses. I think we should go even further and open free to use youth centres and re-invest in youth services. Then we will haveva good council that will encourage good positive engagement of young people to make them more rounded future adults!

Reply Posted by DISGUSTED on Wednesday April 18 2012 at 05:59
If you call evening activities hanging around in the countries biggest youth club Barnsley Inter change causing all kinds of problems for the staff & the Police well you dont see the big picture if they were used at school times only theres no problem .But i do agree there should be more youth centres and the £3 million invested in this travesty would have gone some way to help 

Reply Posted by Bev on Wednesday April 18 2012 at 18:22
the mi card is an excellent idea, it gives some kids their independence and they can travel to places with their mates rather than the parents using the cars to transport them, which I'm all in favour of.  Yes there should be some kind of charge and 20p fare isnt a bad one I dont think.  I can remember travelling on the bus for 2p! Bus fares are scandulous as it is, its cheaper to get a taxi these days!!

Reply Posted by Bev on Wednesday April 18 2012 at 18:22
the mi card is an excellent idea, it gives some kids their independence and they can travel to places with their mates rather than the parents using the cars to transport them, which I'm all in favour of.  Yes there should be some kind of charge and 20p fare isnt a bad one I dont think.  I can remember travelling on the bus for 2p! Bus fares are scandulous as it is, its cheaper to get a taxi these days!!

Reply Posted by teenager on Wednesday April 18 2012 at 18:26
as a 'young' person myself i find that very rude; 
 "So young people don't vote or pay taxes or even council tax... So let's give them nothing... Maybe adults on here should remember that young people do matter." 

it's like you've just put us in your mouth and spat us out, we are people and yes i agree some young people aren't mature or sensible but some are and that's why you should all remember us because i'm sure when you were us you didn't get 'nothing' we are young, we are free. How can we use transport without no mi card... some of us don't have parents that own transport like me i have to get a bus from my school home and sometimes that means 2 bus rides... i was really upset when i saw what someone could actually say about us, we are just Human and maybe we are 'young' but so was you all and i bet you all wanted to live the moment, give us chance to? thanks. 

Reply Posted by Mick on Wednesday April 18 2012 at 18:28
First of all all of you people spouting about a youth council need to learn how it works. Firs of all the youth council is voted by the people they represent 'THE YOUTH'. I was a member of the youth council in Rotherham when I was younger and its what's helped make me into the success I am today and 2nd of all if it wasn't for the youth council there would be no other projects going on to keep these kids from hanging around the streets its perhaps the blindness of people like you that make these kids feel useless and so therefore why bother and as for the comment about mummy and daddy taking them I was one and both my parents were heroin addicts so I know this to be untrue. THE YOUTH OF TODAY IS OUR FUTURE HELP THEM RATHER THAN TARGET THEM!

Reply Posted by guest. on Wednesday April 18 2012 at 18:31
be real i bet you didnt have to pay when you were young, honestly 'we are young' and we are living for the future... that will turn out good when we have college/school won't it? oh yeah i get 2 buses to get home from my school which means i'll pay alot. it's not fair that your going against young people?!?!? we are young and we are living for the moment. you make it sound like we are all really bad people well yes i agree half are but half of us are polite and will give up the space in the toilet que for you. 

Reply Posted by a parent on Wednesday April 18 2012 at 19:29
I think a point is being missed here. The Mi Card is about enabling young people to have a bit of freedom to use public transport in order to get to and use the facilities on offer (swimming, sports, shops, library etc.) This offers them independence which is a good for raising rounded adults. 

BUT... it's not just about what that means for the young people using them. It's how that helps their parents to be able to actually afford for them to take part in activities. A few young people have mentioned that they have to catch two buses to school.  If you're a low income family with three kids, this cost would really stack up, coupled with dinner money.  Transport costs should not be a barrier to eduction for young people, nor a barrier to them accessing facilities and being able to live a full and eventful life.

I speak as a parent who is lucky enough to have both children within walking distance of their schools and able to afford for them to access and take part in activities. Not everyone is so fortunate. If there HAS to be a saving made on the MiCard I would suggest it is made available at a cost for those who can afford it, and available free for young people from low income families and it MUST be able to be used at times which include transport to and from school. ESPECIALLY during the winter time when it's dark early. Don't let money be a barrier to kids getting home safely from school. 

I'd also like to say that the idea of a Youth Council is excellent. If gives an opportunity for young people to have a voice in a postitive and constructive manner. Those young people willing to give up their time to engage with the Youth Council should be encouraged and commented.

If people disagree fine, but please do so courteously as spouting abusive language and making aggressive comments only devalues the points being raised.

Thanks for reading.

Reply Posted by teen. on Thursday April 19 2012 at 15:38
best opinion here, :-) so much love for these words!

Reply Posted by Stanmattuk on Saturday April 21 2012 at 22:00
Council staff made redundant......Care Homes Closed.....but still they can find Money for Mi Cards for kids To Cause Chaos In Bus Station and on the Buses...isn't it about time someone on theb Council had the guts To Say Enough is Enough and Stopped Wasting Money And Put It To a use More Beneficial

Reply Posted by jimbob on Sunday April 22 2012 at 00:17
at the end of the day the mi card was braught out to help kids and as for the consertives do is make the richer richer and the poorer poorer i dont think they should get rid of the mi cards at all because it helps families who are on a low income and it also helps the kins get to whereever they need to go rant over

Reply Posted by Pete Evans on Sunday April 22 2012 at 09:10
I know some drivers have that view and if we get any unruly young 'uns on the bus it CAN spoil the journey for everyone, but if they are decently behaved and reasonably quiet then I don't mind them being there. If they are OK with me, I'll be OK with them.

Reply Posted by Pete Evans on Sunday April 22 2012 at 17:47
On the bus going to school before 9 o'clock kids have to pay 60p. Coming home is free with a Mi card.  At 20p per journey 24/7 the extra 20p's in evenings and weekends will make up for losses on the 60p's before 9 o'clock.

Reply Posted by a parent on Monday April 30 2012 at 17:55
I am guessing you're not a parent. Not all kids cause chaos in the bus station. Maybe a few do, I really wouldn't know. But please stop tarring all kids with the same brush.  There are thousands of teenagers in Barnsley and just a handful cause 'chaos'. It's not right or fair that all teenagers (and their parents!!) should be penalised because a few don't behave.  It's not a waste of money to encourage youths to get out and about, use facilities on offer across the borough and become more rounded adults. 

Also - think about this... If the youths stop using facilities like the Metrodome etc. then maybe there won't be enough "footfall" in these places to keep them open.  Then no-one will get access to facilities.

Council staff are being made redundant because the Coalition Government are trying to drive a wedge between the North and South, increasing the gap between the wealthy areas and the non-wealthy areas.  If we give up on our young people we will NEVER be anything more than a place with high benefit reliance, poor funding and poor service delivery.  What is more beneficial than investing some time, effort and yes, money into our young people?