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Gypsy Site Plans Approved By Council

Wednesday October 29 2014

PLANS for a controversial 11-pitch gypsy and traveller site in Barnsley have been approved by the council.

The site, next to a waste transfer station on Grange Lane, Stairfoot, has received widespread objections from residents and local councillor Brian Mathers.

John Parry, who lives near the site, was invited to speak during the meeting and said that when Sainsbury's applied for planning permission to convert the B&Q store to a supermarket, he received "no end" of information and leaflets.

"When it comes to this site, which has a fundamental effect on the area, and the value of my property, I've had absolutely diddly squat," he said.

"If this plan does go ahead, my own property will be worth absolutely nothing."

The site will be run and managed by the council as an 'emergency stopping place' which gypsies and travellers will be able to use for a maximum of 14 days.

It will allow the police to use their existing powers to move unauthorised encampments across the borough and direct them to this site.

David Shepherd, service director for economic regeneration, said: "Plans to create an 11-pitch emergency stopping place was approved in principle by planning board members, subject to an additional condition relating to the provision of a skip on the site.

"A final decision will be made once the consultation period is over at the end of the month and further discussions have taken place with the chair of the board."