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Eric Pickles Visits Barnsley Housing Development

Monday November 3 2014

Eric and Wayne Eric and Wayne

ERIC Pickles visited Barnsley to see how the government's 'Help to Buy' scheme is working.

Mr Pickles, the secretary of state for communities and local government, visited the Scholars Gate development in Royston last Thursday.

Wayne Gradwell, from builder Persimmon Homes, hosted a tour of the 143-plot development, giving Mr Pickles a thorough understanding of the construction process.

Mr Pickles said: "I was delighted to see the fantastic work at Scholars Gate. I’m particularly pleased that since its launch, the Help to Buy scheme has created 373 new homeowners in Barnsley alone."

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Reply Posted by Tom on Tuesday November 4 2014 at 15:07
The state of our housing is a joke, as a nation we should be ashamed of the standard of housing our citizens are forced to live in. We have the smallest homes in Europe, and they are the most expensive. Houses are massively overpriced due to market manipulation, they are now on average a whopping 8 times income when they should be no more than 4 times income.
The typical size of a home has been falling by 1sqm per year every year for nearly 30 years now. Space standards (which set minimum space standards) were abolished 30 years ago.

The granting of planning permission will turn a £6,000 plot of land into a £1,000,000+ plot of land. There is an artificial scarcity of land for building and it forces up the price of land and in turn the price of housing well above it's natural value. There is no free-market. Even with these artificially inflated prices there is little incentive to build as the financial gain from the artificial scarcity goes to the idle landowner and not the builder.

Small builders have been driven out of business and we are left with a few large building companies that are more akin to a cartel than businesses competing in a freemarket. The private sector is completely incapable of building the homes this country needs and it hasn't been able to meet demand for the past 527 years when the right to build was abolished.

Home ownership is massively subsidised and home owners receive massive unearned financial gain from public spending, directly and indirectly, subsidies are available in abundance, from HTB (the most ill thought out scheme ever introduced by a government) through to housing benefit. Low interest rates are another mechanism used to force up house prices. One of the reasons this is done is to increase GDP. High house prices = high imputed rents, Imputed rent is now over 10% of our GDP. The government says that homeowners pay themselves rent and makes up a number and then adds it to the GDP. Over 10% of our GDP is 'imputed rent' and it is completely ficticious, practically all of the GDP growth since the beginning of the greater depression has come about from an increase in imputed rent, (some of it has come about through adding prostitution and drug dealing to the GDP figures).

Young people are the ones to lose out, they are neo-serfs in a land of neo-fuedalist society, slavery has been brought back via the back door's of mortgage issuing banks and demutualised building societies, bank bailouts, and a whole host of laws to manipulate the market.

The four biggest political parties in this country are all the same, they are all rentiers, they are blue, red, yellow and purple and they are dominated by landlords and landowners, who reap millions in corporate welfare. One Tory MP, Richard Benyon, claims £625000 a year in housing benefit on the behalf of his tenants, he also receives over £100 000 a year in landowner benefit (CAP subsidy) for merely owning land - a 20000 acre estate he inherited. He can sell the occasional acre for 4million after the granting of planning permission, due to the artificial scarcity of land with planning permission.

Meanwhile, the working classes are forced into substandard housing and the quality gets worse as time goes on, 2 up 2 downs are being subdivided and let at vast profit to people on benefits (many of them working). Families are being forced to share such slums, a private bathroom is now a luxury for many.

People protesting outside parliament protesting against our sham of a democracy are threatened with arrest for using a pizza box as a pillow as it is deemed to be an item of 'illegal sleeping equipment'. Squatters are criminalised, and the homeless are denied basic property rights.

And the funniest thing is, this 'home-ownership' that people aspire to, is nothing of the sort. A freehold is a form of tenancy. People will work all their lives for a tenancy, which can be ended by the sovereign at the stroke of a pen. As many are now finding out as their homes are earmarked for demolition so that HS2 can be built.

Working people can't even afford to rent council bedsits anymore and are having to claim housing benefits to top up their wages.

The measure of wealth and success in this country for most is having a mortgage and being a debt incumbent slave who cannot go on strike, one who lives in constant fear of loss of shelter.

I despair, I really do, the state of this country is a joke. We need a big change in society, and we need to make sure that the rights of people are more important than the rights of property. Once we do that, then we can get round to building decent housing for all, and making sure that people get rich via hard work instead of inheritance and the collection of rent. Rant over.

Reply Posted by Concerned on Tuesday November 4 2014 at 15:51
I see Mr Pickles has published the report on Tower Hamlet.
Oh dear.

Reply Posted by Softlass on Friday November 7 2014 at 21:08
Chuffin 'ell Tom I coulda wrote that but me phone battery woulda died about quarter wa

Reply Posted by Softlass on Friday November 7 2014 at 21:12
Chuffin 'ell Tom I coulda wrote that but me phone battery woulda died about quarter way through. But tha reight tha noes. Pickles invasion of Royston must have been organised by the SAS because they sure didn't want any locals spoiling it.

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