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Drunk Teen Sentenced For Car Damage Rampage

Thursday October 30 2014

Barnsley Magistrates' Court Barnsley Magistrates' Court

A TEENAGER who caused more than £3,000 worth of damage to cars in his local area has been given a six-day community order.

The 17-year-old, who was labelled as "a menace and a disgrace" by District Judge John Foster, kicked four cars near Hoyland Common Working Men's Club, said Julie Grant, prosecuting.

Alan Greaves, defending, said: "He does not drink nor take drugs so I do not know how he got into this state. I can only imagine relatives and guests bought him drinks at the do after the wedding.

"He had six pints, left the club and a taxi drove off without him, probably because of the state he was in. He took it out on cars parked nearby and went off the rails."

The teenager, who admitted criminal damage, was ordered to pay a total of £500 in compensation. He was given a 12-week curfew and was ordered to spend six days putting something back into the community.

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Reply Posted by Red Optimist on Thursday October 30 2014 at 11:56
Another offender who has been let off lightly. Why was he not required to pay £3000 compensation? Crime will continue to rise until such time as society comes down hard on these criminals.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Sunday November 2 2014 at 09:18
Definitely a case of the "punishment not fitting the crime", hardly surprising in this day and age of politically correct namby pamby judges.

Little scrote should have been made to pay the damaged back in full plus £1000 compensation to everyone whose cars were damaged.

6 days of putting something back into the community?

Should have been 6 days hard labour digging drainage ditches or suchlike by hand!

Reply Posted by Jim on Thursday October 30 2014 at 12:24
"He does not drink, but had six pints" ????

Reply Posted by bfc on Thursday October 30 2014 at 13:42
Where were the elders at the time????

Reply Posted by Annoyed. on Thursday October 30 2014 at 21:13
The penalty of punishment this 17 year old has received is quite frankly unbelievable and is no deterrent to potential offenders. This youth has not made a mistake but has clearly taken the law into his own hands with little consequence. When will the courts get it right ????????.
He should of course pay back the 3000 pounds damage he caused and then he should be punished for his crimes AND named. More people are now out of pocket at the expense of another lout.!!!. Pathetic.

Reply Posted by ? on Friday October 31 2014 at 10:09
Name the scrote

Reply Posted by X on Friday October 31 2014 at 15:02
so if I go out and course criminal damage to other people's property I only have to pay back 15% of the damage caused

Reply Posted by Rog on Friday October 31 2014 at 15:11
Pathetic sentence, by a coward of a judge! I I wonder if this Judge would have been so lenient if his car had been damaged? In a society where people were protected from scumbag mentally challenged idiots like this, this is what should have happens.
He should have been jailed for a year...and made to serve a YEAR.
He would have forced to pay for every bit of damage he caused.
And if he commits another crime in the next 5 years he will go back to jail for 5 years..

Reply Posted by Tony on Friday October 31 2014 at 15:15
£500 !! Those poor fOlk will prob pay more than that on there new insurance premium next time round

Reply Posted by Misterion on Friday October 31 2014 at 15:20
6 pints what a pansy

Reply Posted by max on Saturday November 1 2014 at 00:41
And the ppl whos cars were damaged? Does he have to pay for this or it it down to making a claim n losing no claimes bonus? Yes he doesnt have a record, yes it was an act out of character. . But he did the damage n should pay for it...

Reply Posted by anon on Saturday November 1 2014 at 13:26
Is that all?? Ours was one of the cars involved. It cost us £60 to have new tyres that he slashed. Where was the compensation sent to? We haven't had any that's for sure.

The sentence given is just not good enough at all. Had this irresponsible teen gone on the rampage just 1day later, we would have been in deep trouble. I was having to travel early hours of the morning for an operation at the hallamshire hospital in Sheffield. Had we woke up to that damage, it would have caused so much stress and worry. So I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky.

Where is our compensation?? Although I would be happy just to get our £60 back!!!

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Monday November 3 2014 at 15:44
I'm a law abiding person but he should pay in full for the damage and get sent to butlins for a fortnight