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People Urged To Check For Blood In Their Pee

Monday November 3 2014

Barnsley Hospital Barnsley Hospital

BARNSLEY residents have been urged to visit their doctor if they notice blood in their pee.

The message comes as part of the national ‘be clear on cancer’ campaign which highlights the signs of bladder and kidney cancer.

Coun Jim Andrews, cabinet spokesperson for public health, said: "In 2012, 82 people in Barnsley were diagnosed with bladder or kidney cancer, with 38 deaths registered for these diseases.

"It’s important that people know the signs and visit their doctor as soon as possible."

People who have worked in manufacturing jobs handling rubber, plastics or certain other chemicals are also more prone to developing bladder cancer.

Dr Nick Balac, GP and chair of NHS Barnsley CCG said: "Blood in people’s pee is the most common symptom of both bladder and kidney cancer.

"Symptoms can include needing to pee often or very suddenly or experiencing pain when peeing.

"Having these symptoms doesn’t mean it’s cancer but I urge people to see their GP to find out for sure."

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Reply Posted by r.i.p on Tuesday November 4 2014 at 14:25
My nan was one of these 82 people in this survey. 12 months before diagnosis she went to the docs with bleeding. They did nothing and put it down to water infections. In that 12 month she had what they called re accurant chest infections. She was always a plus size always tried dieting with no joy! Suddenly in that 12 month she started loosing weight and getting poorly often. We had to push for tests which took them 8month to get round to. (Doesn't take a scientist to know what's happening) in June 2012 the tests revealed she had renal cancer and was hit with a prognosis of a mere 3-6months! But it was much less than that and she passed away with us all by her side on 13.7.12. All I can say NHS is get your act together and your lucky we didn't take it further. It was that negligent doctors had a emergency meeting to cover their backs. But they didn't care because she was 72 she was just a number and extra paperwork!

Reply Posted by Anonymously But Truthfully on Tuesday November 4 2014 at 14:58
I did a turd and it had blood I was scared but then I remembered I was on antibiotics so I checked side affects in leaflet and there it was so I stopped taking them and it went away

Reply Posted by Helen on Tuesday November 4 2014 at 16:27
Some people have got too much time on their hands. We aren't interested in immature comments, so why don't all those who keep posting such comments keep their thoughts to themselves.

Reply Posted by Liz on Tuesday November 4 2014 at 19:01
Well said Helen the comments that some people make on here are so immature they need to grow up they ought to realise the worry that people go through who May have these symptoms

Reply Posted by The real Helen on Wednesday November 5 2014 at 00:04
Liz, unfortunately I think we are wasting our time trying to educate the brainless morons who post stupid comments on here. They are sad and pathetic and need to grow up.

Reply Posted by concerned mum on Wednesday November 5 2014 at 09:11
It's ok telling people to go to their GP but when recurring kidney infections pain and discomfort around your kidney gets ignored for 5 years + what are you supposed to do ... GP will not refer you to a specialist even though they know you have one kidney !!

Reply Posted by Liz on Wednesday November 5 2014 at 09:44
Pleased to see wab have got rid of the person using our names and his vulgar comments

Reply Posted by Helen on Wednesday November 5 2014 at 11:16
Completely agree Liz :-)

Reply Posted by Joanne on Wednesday November 5 2014 at 22:13
This happened to my mum about six years ago we got the news that we didn't want to hear that it was cancer they treated her at Barnsley but then after a couple of days we found out that she had leukemia as well Which hit us all hard buy then but all we could think about was if it weren't for her having bladder cancer they wouldn't have found that she had leukemia but it is sad when not all families have this outcome xx

Reply Posted by xxxxx on Saturday November 8 2014 at 14:49
its ok urging people to go to the gp with these symptoms but what about when you do and the only thing they say is oh it'll be a water infection or something for months on end think the gp's need to start taking more caution too

Reply Posted by sarah on Saturday November 8 2014 at 16:20
This started happening to my daughter when she was 8 when i finally got passed the rotweilers that are the receptionists the doc saw her said its nothing go away my eldest is the same now, they have an inherited disease on their dads side and they are not interested in helping at all because theyre not in pain or want a sick note for social.

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