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Police Appeal After Unprovoked Interchange Attack

Wednesday October 22 2014

Barnsley Interchange Barnsley Interchange

A MAN who was attacked in Barnsley Interchange had to have surgery - after thugs beat him with his own walking stick.

The police are appealing for witnesses who may have information about the unprovoked assault, which took place on October 8.

Two brothers, a 28-year-old man and a 27-year-old man, were asleep on a bench at the transport hub at around 4.30am.

Police believe that they were woken when a girl began to remove clothing from one of their bags. It's then alleged that the brothers were subjected to an assault by two men who were with the girl at the time.

Officers believe that the 28-year-old man attempted to help his brother, however as he walked with the assistance of a crutch, he fell to the floor.

Police then believe that one of the unknown men grabbed the crutch and began to beat the elder brother, while he was on the floor.

The two unknown men and girl are thought to have left the area, still carrying the crutch, when they were disturbed.

The 28-year-old man was taken to hospital where he suffered from a broken arm, which required surgery, and a broken nose along with bruises and cuts.

The 27-year-old man suffered from bruising and a number of grazes.

The girl is described as white, between 15 and 16 years old. She is thought to be around 5ft 2ins, slightly overweight with short blonde hair. She is believed to be wearing a blue blouse and blue trousers.

The first man is described as white, between 16 and 18 years old. He is thought to be around 5ft 2ins tall of slim build with short black hair with very short sides, which may have been dyed a light colour.

The second man is described as white, between 19 and 21 years old. He is thought to be of medium build with short black hair.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting incident number 65 of October 8.

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Reply Posted by bananas on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 09:42
thugs ,druggies ,dealers, thieves, is an real problem in this country which wants destroying. sooner the better, then we can be safe to walk our streets.

Reply Posted by Guido fawkes on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 17:48
And that's just the bar in the house of commons

Reply Posted by janey on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 10:08
1st...why were they asleep in the interchange? 2nd are there no cameras in the interchange? My 19yr old son uses the interchange late at night after work....i assumed there would be cameras in there looking out for people.

Reply Posted by A Mother on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 10:16
There should be security employed in there, getting rid of the kids and gangs that hang around there 24/7 causing trouble and terrifying innocent people. It's an interchange, not a youth club.

Reply Posted by sarah on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 10:20
I wonder if this is the same gang that attacked my daughter in the bus station that the police did sweet FA about! They know theres a problem with these kids but wont do anything about them sod their ages get them put away normal people shouldnt have to put up with this.

Reply Posted by sarah on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 11:08
'Nevermind' are you really in a position to chuck out names when for 1 you have no proof and 2 comments like that could get the lass done in...

Reply Posted by stagecoach bus driver on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 11:20
When am on lates it is like a youth club theres allways groups of kids/young adults tht have nothing else better to do there should be security or a higher police presence on a night theres tht many ffighs/stabbing in or just outside the bus station its just not a safe place on a night

Reply Posted by Paul on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 11:21
Can't name them because of their ages but there's 2 brothers who hang round interchange who are always looking for fights and causing mahem in the town, bet they had summat to do with it, there from Manchester and always in trouble the little sh@ts......

Reply Posted by Anon on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 12:03
There is security on a night, but after 11 there is only one security person it's ridiculous need more than 1 person om

Reply Posted by Janet Burgess on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 12:05
it is gettin rediculas that bus station,my partner and I was attacked by two brothers whos name as been mentioned in one of the comments,I cant say anymore as we are taking it to court,there needs security around the bus station

Reply Posted by Anon on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 12:06
they need more than 1 security on it shud say

Reply Posted by sarah on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 12:25
One of these brothers was up in court not so long ago for assaulting a child he got a fine!

Reply Posted by Mr C on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 14:20
This is the sort of crime that needs dealing with. not dropping tab end's its about time everyone got their priorities right

Reply Posted by thebanyerboy on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 16:26
This is sick

Reply Posted by Anonq on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 16:46
Ill give you a hint ratcliffe..

Reply Posted by mudblood on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 17:51
I didn't know harry potter lad was in town can I get his autograph.

Reply Posted by stoner on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 20:34
People in Barnsley are all cowardly and out to grass on people all time. As you guess from my user name I smoke weed I don't do this to **** people off or to upset anyone. I there for keep out of the way when I do so usually at home or in a friend's home but some people find this morally wrong and just have to grass if they get wind of it. These same people are the first to see something like this assault and walk away they don't want to get caught up in it because there scared and don't care that some poor ****** might get killed. Just I did the right thing I ran off and grassed I probably wouldn't have done that but was ****** I missed my bus so because they was put out they grass not to help a fellow human being. If I see some **** like this am stepping in I may get hurt they may get hurt but am dam sure not gonna stand there and watch this ****. Spineless *******.

Reply Posted by anon on Wednesday October 22 2014 at 21:26
Obviously you're stoned now stoner! You need to give it a rest mate!

Reply Posted by well well well on Thursday October 23 2014 at 02:45
Jordan ratcliffe is getting KO when I get my mits on him

Reply Posted by Barnsleygetsworse on Thursday October 23 2014 at 06:35
Welcome to the youth of today, another bunch of yobos trying to prove themselves to each other by the sounds. I hope they get caught and leathered to a pulp, I was given a broken eye socket in an unprovoked attack in the town by 3 people against 1 as a set up. Sucker punched into the back of the head in by one guy who ran off, his mate came up and punched me again and did the same right after. Got my bearings and went after them untill everyone in the club held me back beacouse unknowing to me they where gypsys. A girl in the club asked if i was allright, in which resulted in me talking to her. Was tapped on the shoulder "hey are you talking to me girlfriend". In which i replied she only asking if im allright, girl didnt know who he was and was with her friends who said shes not your girlfriend in which resulted in me walking away and thinking F*ck this **** to be sucker punched again by someone running away. This was in a night club in which there where bouncers and cctv and no one did a thing or caught anything on tape ???. Too many bent people in barnsley covering to much ****, found out months after the place was whip with gypsy, thugs and dodgy dealing and no one dare touch them with a Sh*tty stick.

Reply Posted by lauren on Thursday October 23 2014 at 08:54
What the hell is a 15 to 16 ur old doin out at that time in the first place

Reply Posted by youngen on Thursday October 23 2014 at 09:32
lauren don't you live in the real world. what the hell is a 15 to 16 yr old doin art...that's r it is...derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..

Reply Posted by Mr C on Thursday October 23 2014 at 12:42
What difference does it make what time it was Lauren its a free country and if it happens at day or night its still the same crime

Reply Posted by lauren on Thursday October 23 2014 at 15:40
Oh my the trolls come out to play I see, @ youngen well maybe if that young ladies parents had control of their child then she wouldn't be involved in such a despicable crime and by the derrrr can definitely tell your immature yourself and @mr c couldn't care wether it was night time day time or wether it was dinner time my point was parents really need to get a grip on their kids cos this is why bad stuff happens lettin kids get up to no good n if the world Is really like this were a human can't sleep on the bench with out some little sh*t robbing off them and calling yourself a Mr doesn't make you a grown up it's a free world get a grip mate it ain't a free world at all

Reply Posted by funny pikeys in tarn on Friday October 24 2014 at 08:53
Them pikeys in tarn wi greasy hair make me laugh my brother knocked to fat one out other week and anybody who goes in Rios probably know who I'm talking about

Reply Posted by neil himmler on Thursday October 30 2014 at 08:16
When i was that age you would be taken somewhere and beaten within an inch of your life for that kind of behaviour,growing up 'darn brig' you knew not to mess about with people,nobody has any bottle anymore nowdays

Reply Posted by jan on Thursday October 30 2014 at 23:58
great isn't it.......... police don't mind riding gunshot to catch fare dodgers........ but do sod all about the youths that hang about the bus station who are loud and intimidating to lots of commuters. ........... and Barnsley council are trying to encourage people to use public transport, bring outsiders into Barnsley... not a good show for the bus/coach/train services that these people will be using

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