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Rally To Save NHS Hits Barnsley Amid Treatment Fears

Thursday April 5 2012

A RALLY to save the NHS is being held in Barnsley on Saturday amid fears that the poor could be forced to forgo hospital treatment in future - because they cannot afford it.

Tony Wright, spokesman for the South West Yorkshire Parthership branch of UNISON, said health chiefs fear the new health act passed by government could end up being the death knell for the NHS.

A leaked government document has already revealed that there are fears the bill could lead to increased privatisation that would result in paying patients being treated first.

He said: "We want Barnsley to join in and show that we do not agree with what's going on and that we shouldn't accept it. We aren't scare-mongering but people should be told what could go wrong. We could end up being like America where any health care has to paid for - that's a very real possiblility the way things are going.

"Some people just don't realise how this will affect them. It could end up with Barnsley Hospital being run by a private company - and in a couple of years, if you break your arm, the first question they ask is for your health insurance. If you don't have it, you won't get seen."

The controversial bill was developed to give more control to clinical commissioning groups who can 'buy' in patient care from companies. Already Virgin Care has scooped a contract worth £500milion to take over the provider arm of NHS Surrey - but there are fears that private companies would put profit first..

Tony added: "Before NHS hospitals could only treat around 12 percent of private patients. But now that has been raised to 49 per cent. That would be nearly half of all hospital beds gone for private, paying patients. Everyday men and women who don't pay for healthcare will be pushed to the back of the queue.

"It's all down to money - at the moment the NS treats everyone. But if you get private companies coming in they have shareholders to answer to. It's a ticking time bomb because suddenly it isn't about patient care it is about profit."

The Save Our NHS rally will start from Churchfields at 10am and head into the town centre. There will be speeches from Dan Jarvis, MP, Angela Smith MP and GP Kailash Chand, the Manchester GP who ran a petition that got over 170,000 signatures in a bid to stop the bill from going through.

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Reply Posted by SM on Friday April 6 2012 at 11:54
Wonder if those idiots who said 'Im not voting, dont matter who gets in', now all hell is going to break loose because of the stupid greedy Tories. We were once the envy of the world with our NHS which has been abused and neglected for well over a decade now. All the pen pushers in management have done their level best to save money by getting in under qualified nurses and replacing the experienced hard working ones. You want a vision of our future, watch Sicko by Michael Moore, you dont know how bad they have it over in the States until you see that film. These are scary times, just to think a woman who goes to hospital to give birth could have to pay tens of thousands of pounds for treatment and care. A woman in that movie helped clean up the debris of the twin towers and got respiratory problems, she had to pay over $100 roughly £50 over here for a inhaler, to think a simple perscription of co-codamols could set you back £30. The whole bloody nation should be marching down to the Commons and remove these parasites by force.

Reply Posted by Crossland72 on Friday April 6 2012 at 14:45
My mother in law passed away on 21 march on ward 22.. staff want a medal !!!  From Drs to domestics , nothing was too much trouble for them. The care my mother in law and her family received at this difficult time was perfection..(.PURE ANGELS).. THANK YOU WARD 22...

Reply Posted by TC on Saturday April 7 2012 at 07:39
"We were once the envy of the world with our NHS which has been abused and neglected for well over a decade now."..... erm, so how is that the "greedy Tories" fault then?  As my memory serves me the bulk of the damage to the NHS (including health tourism leeching away resources) was caused by Labour policy & practices.

Reply Posted by TC on Saturday April 7 2012 at 07:50
The current system wasn't designed to cope with this free-for-all abuse it is currently experiencing.  It is abused by patients who think they are entitled to GP's appointments for colds or a "chat"; it is abused by staff who think nothing of regularly leaving work 10 minutes early then screaming blue murder because a change in contract hours means they should receive half a day's extra holiday per year and it is abused by politicians who make promises they cannot deliver.  I honestly cannot see a way forward that doesn't include privatisation in some form or another as any other way would involve staff & the general pubic to take a bit of personal responsibility & we all know that won't happen (strikes & public outcry).  There is no one to blame but ourselves if fee's are imposed in the future.  Think twice next time you shuffle off down to the doctors for a minor ailment that can be treated by a trip to the chemist or you support a public sector strike for the upkeep of expensive & unrealistic contracts.  THIS is what is killing the NHS, not politicians!

Reply Posted by Pussycatshoes on Saturday April 7 2012 at 08:15
Its about time the government started putting the money were it counts, that being health and education, nevermind paying for wars and foreign aid.

Reply Posted by SM on Saturday April 7 2012 at 16:00
 TC dont bother trying to wind me up, Tories screwed our Nation over in the 80s so start putting the blame there. Had we still had the pits and steel mills we wouldnt be in so much debt.

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