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MP Slams Bank's Planned Closure

Wednesday October 1 2014

Dan Jarvis MP Dan Jarvis MP

NATWEST have been slammed by a Barnsley MP for planning to close its Royston branch.

Dan Jarvis, MP for Barnsley Central, has urged the bank to think again.

Jarvis said: "This branch is at the heart of the Royston community, providing much-needed services for local people, businesses and organisations.

"Many of my constituents remain in the dark about why this branch is closing. It’s clear to me that the NatWest have fallen short when it comes to consulting with the local community about this closure.

"As taxpayers, my constituents rightly feel they have a personal stake in the NatWest as part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

"I remain unconvinced by promises that the local Post Office will be able absorb the banking trade from this busy branch and have written to the chief executive of NatWest to demand urgent answers."

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Reply Posted by sid on Wednesday October 1 2014 at 18:45
I for one am glad Mr.Jarvis is taking this on. When this bank closes it will be a real inconvenience to me. A trip to town isn't easy or desirable and won't be for quite some time. Fingers crossed the modernisation will be complete very soon.

Reply Posted by cheryl on Thursday October 2 2014 at 15:20
Dan Jarvis can do sod all about this all the high street banks are closing high street branches because they want internet transactions and are not interested in Joe public needs. Its about time politicians implemented our share ownership when having bailed them out in the financial crisis. I know it won't happen because the banks have too much power and the politicians haven't any idea how to implement any influence on them.

Reply Posted by Joe on Thursday October 2 2014 at 18:18
Another nail in the coffin of Royston Town Centre. The area really needs some support to modernise and encourage local businesses. Thurnscoe has had millions spent on it, let's see Royston have investment please!!! Also Dan Jarvis needs to protest against proposed closure of Coking plant- 145 people set to lose jobs!!! Love Royston but worried how it's going!

Reply Posted by Observer on Friday October 3 2014 at 07:45
Its time royston was handed over to wakefield. Its not near barnsley. The majority who live there shop in waky. And leeds etc. get rid i say. Its out in the sticks.

Reply Posted by Rog on Sunday October 5 2014 at 12:03
Perhaps Observer hasn't seen Wakefield town centre lately? Ridings is empty.The Springs, Wood St and Northgate are full of empty shops, its a City of Poundland Cash Converters, and Polish shops.