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Racecommon Road Thieves Jailed

Wednesday October 1 2014

Men sentenced Men sentenced

TWO burglars who cut a hole in the roof of commercial premises to raid four shops have both been jailed.

David Hewitt, 37, and Craig Dalton, 29, who both have criminal records dating back to when they were teenagers, targetted premises on Racecommon Road, Barnsley.

They used a ladder to get on top of the building and then made a hole in the roof of a dental surgery and dropped down into the loft space, Sheffield Crown Court was told.

The pair entered through a ceiling loft hatch and cut the wires on a hi-fi system causing £450 worth of damage, before forcing a door to enter The Sports Clinic next door.

They stole CDs and a £20 cash float before going into Tony's Barbers.

Cigarettes, t-shirts, hair and shaving equipment, £20 from the till and even two charity boxes were taken by the intruders who also smashed a window.

Hewitt and Dalton then forced a storeroom door and stole two sat nav devices from Yorkshire Rose Travel.

When interviewed by police they each blamed one another for the break-ins.

Hewitt, of Haworth Close, Monk Bretton and Dalton, of Race Street, Barnsley, jointly admitted four burglaries on May 11.

Hewitt was jailed for two years and one month and Dalton for 12 months.

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Reply Posted by NEIL on Wednesday October 1 2014 at 16:46
2 years an a 12 month for burglary might as well do a bank an stop payin r rent an council tax absolutely stinks.

Reply Posted by Ian on Tuesday October 7 2014 at 08:04
agreed plus they will be well fed, entertainment on tap while we slog our guts out to finance this and they say crime doesn't pay, I beg to differ

Reply Posted by Rob Warburton on Thursday October 2 2014 at 12:17
... Out by Christmas then!

Reply Posted by me on Thursday October 2 2014 at 12:18
hewitts been robbing of people 4 years, its away of life 4 him... needs sum boot..

Reply Posted by him on Thursday October 2 2014 at 12:36
Hewitt needs some booit

Reply Posted by pookey on Thursday October 2 2014 at 16:45
Scum.....should chop their hands off

Reply Posted by Simon Walsh on Thursday October 2 2014 at 18:17
Blamed each other? So 'no honour amongst thieves' then. Good riddance..scum.

Reply Posted by Bananas on Saturday October 4 2014 at 16:46
These two have shown great enterprise, and when they come out I'm sure they will have a great career either as a member of Westminster or bankers.

Reply Posted by ian on Tuesday October 7 2014 at 08:06
How ironic is that Yorkshire Rose have an advert on this clip ha ha genius