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Second-Half Capitulation Costs Reds

Monday September 29 2014

Photo from Barnsley FC Photo from Barnsley FC

THE Reds were booed off at the final whistle as Danny Wilson's strugglers lost 3-0 at home to Swindon on Saturday.

Barnsley's high-flying visitors - who are now unbeaten in seven league matches - scored three second-half goals to push the Reds into the relegation zone.

Nathan Byrne opened the scoring in the 58th minute, before two goals in as many minutes from Jake Reeves and Andy Williams sealed the points with ten minutes to play.

"It was very disappointing," said assistant manager Chris Hutchings. "We folded as soon as we conceded. We gave away some comical goals, to be honest.

"We're trying different formations to get the best of what we've got and we're coming out on the wrong end at the moment."

Home form hasn't been one of the Reds' strong points so far this season, with four defeats in six matches in the league and cup. Crawley, Crewe, MK Dons and Swindon have all won at Oakwell.

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Reply Posted by Mw on Monday September 29 2014 at 10:47
Another awful display. I was full of optimism at the beginning of the season. Even after there first lose in league and cup. But after watching mk dons port vale away and Swindon at home I've lost all optimism. They are playing worse and worse. I'm a big fan off Danny Wilson because of his past record with us but I'm afraid that's what's going to cause us to go nowhere. If it have been any other manager after these past 3 performance plus a bad one at fleetwood they would have been long gone. Danny do the right thing and leave because this team is going nowhere other than down with you. Give another barnsley legend a chance namely Neil redfearn it now his time.

Reply Posted by weds on Monday September 29 2014 at 10:52
come on bfc{; red your bet is looking good for the drop, bottom 4 of the mickey mouse league.. come on yer reds,

Reply Posted by Guido fawkes on Monday September 29 2014 at 13:00
hahahahahahha makes me laugh the team will be playing in the pub league in a few years, all you die - hard fans have gone quiet. hahhahahahaha

Reply Posted by ./ on Monday September 29 2014 at 16:16
No Guido you complete D*^% Wad we haven't gone quiet we are there supporting out team week in week out.

Who do you support Man U? Got your season ticked (Sky sports subscription)

Do us all a favour and stop coming on this site you tail.

Reply Posted by Cal on Monday September 29 2014 at 13:02
Another farce of a performance under Wilson.

I can’t remember one defeat under him where we can say we were unlucky there. It’s just clueless awful football, baffling tactics, formation and line ups which are a joke.

The annoying is that Kennedy, Dawson, Perkins, Mellis, Etuhu etc would all have been very good players in this league.

Time to go Danny boy.

Reply Posted by Cal on Monday September 29 2014 at 13:06
And as for different formations.

How about just stick with what we did for the first few games, 2 wingers who when they both get games and some fitness will tear teams apart.

Just need to play with some pace and intent to win, not try sit back for 90 mins and nick a poxy goal.

Time to go but not for Neil Redfearn, tried and failed a good few times at management.

Reply Posted by Davieboy on Monday September 29 2014 at 13:17
I had been a season ticket holder for many years, but still remain a fan, sadly I think that the Reds are not what they were, at one time half of the team were local lads playing with great pride, but no longer.....shame really.
I am not a betting man but.......Danny Wilson will not be their manager in 2015......
he will get an early unwanted Christmas present.

Reply Posted by BFC on Monday September 29 2014 at 21:44
10 years ago fleet wood played the heady teams of athersley and shaw lane, maybe in ten if we carry on playing as well as as we currently are we will do the same.

Reply Posted by Observer on Tuesday September 30 2014 at 12:30
Hhmmmm. Tricky one this. Ok. Cal, your comments on perkins and the likes. Sorry but none of who you mentioned are football players in my view. Hedless chickens. Spring to mind. Introduced by keith hill. Whom i hated with a passion. I would rather see him shot than return to oakwell. He destroyed that football club single handidly. This was hills formation. Play the ball out from the back, to the left, to the right to the centre, back to the goalie, to the centre, to the left, to the right, to the goalie. Thats how it was. We then had another clown in charge. Fk up flicker. Ok he did is proud in keeping us up. 14 games without loss. Brill. Then he continues the following season with the formation benny hill used ?? He went. Then we got danny. I beleive danny will sort it. But step back a bit. Hes doing the same formation as benny hill and fk up. 1 man up front at home?? Swindon put 5 men in midfield. Danny didnt change much. Im sure he was aware of the tacticle move swindon did. ? So, i start to search in my head. Is it, was it the managers. Why are they all using the same tactics, formations etc?? Its easy to turn on managers. Lets look beyond that. Is it the board. The owner?? Do some of the board live in a comfort zone in which they have been there far too long?? Im not saying they pick the team?? But do they ? Do they want a mediocre team on the pitch? We are a small club. Finances in tact. We have seen better. We want better. We deserve better. I conclude with, the people who have subscribed to the club purchasing season tickets etc, are subscribing to the demise of bfc. If you want real changes at oakwell. Stop subscribing. Stop being a martyr. Talk with your feet. As i did. Let the board know what you want and if they dont deliver, perhaps they will when the shortfall of fans happens.

Reply Posted by hepson on Tuesday September 30 2014 at 12:59
very tricky this one observer@ let me think!!

Keith Hill Rochdale div 1 5th place.. were are Barnsley

flicker Bury div 2 3rd place..

Now instead of blaming the falls guys who seem to be doing ok now..

look closer to home and vend your anger at those who are running the club into the ground..

Reply Posted by Hoyland Red on Tuesday September 30 2014 at 13:36
Observer, what a load of rubbish. So your idea of supporting your team is to stop supporting your team - Jesus H C. How's about support the team through the thick and thin and not just the thick. If people want to support a team that's successful then good luck to them as they switch their allegiance on a yearly basis - that's not for me thank you.

Reply Posted by bananas on Tuesday September 30 2014 at 14:08
bring back clarky, aylott up front maca at bac. glavin int middle.

Reply Posted by Observer on Thursday October 2 2014 at 06:10
Hoyland red. Yes. I vote with my feet. As explained. Until things change the way i want it to be at oakwell i wont go. Simpuls. Hepson. Not really knterested what fk up flicker or benny hill are doing. It didnt cut at oakwell.

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