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Barnsley's Youngsters Urged To Take Part In Ballot

Monday October 6 2014

A BUDDING politician from Barnsley is taking part in the largest consultation of young people in the country.

Anton Dobson, an elected member of the UK Youth Parliament, will be running the campaign - dubbed 'Make Your Mark' - in Barnsley.

Ten topics will be available to choose from on the initial ballot, with the five most popular issues going on to be discussed in the House of Commons on November 14.

In last year's ballot, almost 500,000 young people were surveyed, but this year a target of one million has been set.

Anton said: "It's seriously important as local members of the UK Youth Parliament need your help in order to change things for the better in your area.

"I'm extremely passionate about Make Your Mark as it's engaging young people and empowering their voice."

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Reply Posted by Tom on Tuesday October 7 2014 at 15:02
Might as well just brand the youth with an iron and the message, "pensioner ochlocracy - get used to it".

And when it comes to housing, perhaps allow them to have some shared ownership scheme combined with help to buy, for a bunk bed in a cell, as the only form of public housing to be built/invested in over the past 30 years is prisons.

And in prison our young can get paid work, albeit for about a fiver a week, it's better than being forced to work for a dole that doesn't cover 3 meals a day.

Reply Posted by Mr X on Wednesday October 8 2014 at 18:17
Barnsley whinging and moaning yet again, this is a nice news story and all people can do is whine...

Reply Posted by Tony on Thursday October 9 2014 at 12:00
Grow up and get real.

Reply Posted by David on Wednesday October 8 2014 at 23:53
Good work, but what is this I here that Barnsley council are about to cut what is left of the young peoples services. I think a vote about these cuts would wake up those people /councillors who are making these cuts. It is a little idiotic of these decision makers, when we are asking young people to contribute to their community and then close down these young people centres -Who is making these decisions ????