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Parky To Come Home

Tuesday September 23 2014

SIR Michael Parkinson will be stopping off in Barnsley next month.

The Cudworth-born star will be guest editing the Barnsley Chronicle - the newspaper where he started - on October 3 before visiting The Civic.

Following on from their fifth birthday celebrations in May, The Civic has announced the award-winning talk show host and author as their first patron to support their work.

He said: "I'm delighted to be involved with what I regard to be an important organisation and look forward to coming to Barnsley and seeing The Civic in action."

Parky, who was educated at Barnsley Grammar, is best known for presenting his long-running, self-titled television talk show.

Helen Ball, chief executive of The Civic, said: "We're thrilled that Sir Michael has agreed to become our very first patron.

"We're very proud that he has chosen us as an organisation he wishes to support and we are very much looking forward to working with him."

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Reply Posted by ? on Tuesday September 23 2014 at 15:10
He remembers where Barnsley is then!

Reply Posted by Nic on Tuesday September 23 2014 at 21:50
Lots of jealous folk, can't stand to see anyone famous/wealthy.

Reply Posted by Guido fawkes on Tuesday September 23 2014 at 22:18
how much he getting paid ? he won't be visiting for the scenery has nothing changed since he left.

Reply Posted by Anon on Wednesday September 24 2014 at 09:36
He turned his back on barnsley years ago both him and his wife who didn't want to know when family members had died simply put the phone down
Good riddance to him

Reply Posted by Lainie on Wednesday September 24 2014 at 09:55
I'm very pleased to hear that Sir Michael is visiting the Civic, I certainly visit when I'm in Barnsley, the place that I was born,... and in Australia for 43 years...so Good on you Michael,enjoy the hospitality of the lovely people !

Reply Posted by parkinson on Wednesday September 24 2014 at 13:29
Jealous family that's all I can say. He's actually been quite generous with some of us!! Like how your names anon

Reply Posted by Anon on Wednesday September 24 2014 at 18:36
To parkinson... Was it generosity when a call was made to say that a family member who had taken his wife in and brought her up had died to put the phone down and show no interest ... They have constantly denied their roots