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Barnsley Bids For Better Bus Funding

Tuesday April 3 2012

TRANSPORT chiefs are bidding for millions of pounds in government funding to improve bus services in Barnsley and South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) is applying to the Better Bus Area Fund for cash to make buses quicker by introducing things like smart cards that work across all operators and improving traffic flow in the town centre.

It is also considering a joint scheme with Jobcentre Plus that would help thousands of young people into work and training by giving them free travel for three months.

If successful the bid would attract £4.91m from the Department for Transport as well as pulling in another £7.3m in local contributions.

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Reply Posted by Coryian on Tuesday April 3 2012 at 09:50
more services would be better 1 bus ahr to Cortonwood shops and they stop running after 5 o clock no bus at all on a Sunday -bring back the express buses to go to Leeds / Sheffield

Reply Posted by P_malcolm on Tuesday April 3 2012 at 10:28
Lets hope the money goes into better training for drivers!. Politeness these days seems to be lost on public transport. I rarley catch buses so going on a double decker with my girls is somewhat of a treat, I took them shopping got on the bus and asked for an adult and two children tickets and was charged for three adults, I explained to the driver I had two children and he started rambling at me in Polish! - Now Iknow a few words in Polish so did not appreciate being called a stupid women for his mistake. He then set off at such speed my daughter came hurtling down the stairs - This was whilst I had not even finished paying!. I rang after getting off the bus as I was concerned for other passenegrs as he was driving so fast and was told they had to keep him on the road for other complaints to come in ebfore they could do anything! I complained to be told they had fetched over a load of Polish drivers and invested in English courses and sadly most had not yet grasped a decent level of English!. That aside - good manners and at least knowing how to drive the bus safley is allw e ask for!!.

Reply Posted by Rich on Tuesday April 3 2012 at 17:59
P_malcolm, I assume your talking about Stagecoach, I drive for Stagecoach and all I can say in the drivers defence is if the timings on the services hadn't been done by idiots that think they know how to run a bus service then we wouldn't have to drive like maniacs to keep to time.

@ Coryjan, the express service to Leeds is coming back.

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