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Residents Plagued By Giant Rats

Thursday September 4 2014

Rats plaguing Goldthorpe residents Rats plaguing Goldthorpe residents

RESIDENTS say that a plague of giant rats are making their lives a misery.

People on Doncaster Road, Goldthorpe, claim they're being plagued by an unusually large infestation of the rodents.

Kevan Miller, 54, admits that year on year they have a rat problem but this is the worst he has witnessed in 20 years.

He puts the problem down to the relatively mild winter and a problem with the drains.

He said: "It happens every year when the farmer's field nearby is cut and it disturbs them but it has never been as bad as this.

"They move around together. The other night something caught my eye because it looked like a moving carpet. It was all the rats.

"There are hundreds of them. Some are small but most of them are really big."

The rats are also causing problems for allotment owners like Michelle Cole, 50, also of Doncaster Road.

She said that two-thirds of her baby chickens have been taken by rats.

"I initially had 30 but now it's down to just ten," she said.

"They seem to be fearless. It's horrible coming out to your allotment and not knowing what you're going to find in a morning.

"They're now moving into our gardens so you dare not leave any doors open."

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Reply Posted by Guido fawkes on Thursday September 4 2014 at 15:04
the rats will fit in well with the vermin residents

Reply Posted by me on Thursday September 4 2014 at 15:12
not very nice thing to say fawkes.

Reply Posted by Collet on Thursday September 4 2014 at 15:45
You should know guido Fawkes it's the likes of you. That bread em.?

Reply Posted by Guido fawkes on Saturday September 6 2014 at 12:51
Collet @ does that mean the residents eat them on a sarnie.. bread em?

Reply Posted by sarah on Thursday September 4 2014 at 16:09
Its the same down in highgate my cats have never been as busy mainly baby ones theyre catching and the mice are getting braver coming into the gardens off the allotments and farm.

Reply Posted by Observer on Thursday September 4 2014 at 16:26
Maybe its worth a few of the allotment holders investing in ferrets.

Reply Posted by Guido fawkes on Thursday September 4 2014 at 18:50
Get professional help if you mess with the rats picking up ect or even there environment you are at risk of leptospirosis( wiels) discease.

Reply Posted by Dr Debate on Thursday September 4 2014 at 18:55
It's simple no Snap no Rats.

Reply Posted by roland rat on Thursday September 4 2014 at 18:59
Rats eat anything. They've been chomping on coal in my garden! That's true.

Reply Posted by lee on Friday September 5 2014 at 08:42
let me and my nephew come and shoot the rats for free fully insured for rifles be done humanily and no noise from shooting.

Reply Posted by Red Observer on Saturday September 6 2014 at 14:30
@guido are you advocating canabalism for your self

ipso Regulated