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Ex-Cons Pay Debt Back

Friday September 12 2014

EX-CONS paying back their debt to society have been drafted in to help cook meals and provide companionship for the elderly.

Westmeads in Royston is using the unpaid workers to help run its new 'Live Well' scheme which helps vulnerable elderly people.

The complex has up to seven vetted offenders who are serving court orders at any one time.

Without them, the centre says, it could not run the scheme.

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Reply Posted by Jo on Friday September 12 2014 at 10:56
Just an idea but how about utilising individuals who are happy to sit at home doing nothing and claiming benefits?

Reply Posted by Tom on Monday September 15 2014 at 11:21
If you read the article it says that Westmeads uses unpaid workers to run the scheme.
It is difficult for people on benefits to volunteer now due to government changes to the benefit system. And if the company cannot employ people on proper wages, then the forced labour schemes using convicts seems to be the way forwards for the company.

I wonder how much profit the company makes and if it receives any taxpayer funding. Do the elderly customers pay fully for the service they receive, or are they subsidised? (They are clearly subsidsed via the forced labour scheme).

Pretty sad, we cannot employ our young, and we cannot care for our elderly. The government then throws money at subsidising house prices and rents so that the rentiers reap rewards at the expense of workers.

Reply Posted by kilkenny on Friday September 12 2014 at 11:25
@Jo - lets hope you are never out of work eh love?

Of course everybody claiming benefits sits on their backsides all day doing nothing. I hope you aren't claiming child benefit and tax credits as they are BENEFITS.

Enlighten yourself. You sound rather thick.

Reply Posted by Jo on Friday September 12 2014 at 12:15
I have been out of work thanks and worked hard to get back into employment - I am talking about the wasters who do not want to work and are happy to sit and let the state financially look after them. With regards to claiming errrr no I don't claim tax credits etc

Reply Posted by A1 on Friday September 12 2014 at 13:22
@kilkenny read the statement in its entire content before shooting your mouth off

Reply Posted by Guido fawkes on Friday September 12 2014 at 14:03
At last someone is using the grey matter what a wonderful idea .

Reply Posted by Kilkenny on Friday September 12 2014 at 19:19
@Jo well tell your hubby to get off his backside then, and nip down to the center.

Reply Posted by Jo on Saturday September 13 2014 at 10:49
LOL I am sure he would help but with working full time he doesn't really have the time

Reply Posted by kilkenny on Tuesday September 16 2014 at 08:36
@nene - spelling and grammar books are available in Barnsley library.

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