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Major Bus Changes Set To Start

Tuesday August 26 2014

MAJOR changes to many of Barnsley's bus services will start this weekend. Here's your WAB Guide on what's changing.

Operator Stagecoach is making a number of changes along the Pontefract Road corridor to boost punctuality and reliability and to reflect current travel patterns.

From August 30, Stagecoach buses will run more frequently along Pontefract Road through Lundwood, up to every five minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes.

At these times, service 32, which runs from Barnsley to Crown Avenue, Cudworth, will run up to every 10 minutes.

Buses to Grimethorpe will also now run up to every 10 minutes and the frequency of buses to Brierley will also be improved, with a simplified network introduced.

An hourly link from Barnsley to Goldthorpe via Grimethorpe and the ASOS clothing warehouse will be launched.

Some buses will run via Cudworth bypass offering faster, more direct links.

A new weekend night bus, the N27, will serve Barnsley, Brierley and Grimethorpe on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings.

John Young, acting commercial director at Stagecoach Yorkshire, said: "This major review of services along the Pontefract Road corridor has been developed based on from feedback from our customers and staff."

A number of other timetable changes to improve punctuality are also being introduced by Stagecoach in Barnsley this month.

Services 1 (Barnsley - Staincross Circular), 11 (Barnsley – Athersley North), 66 (Barnsley to Elsecar) will have revised timetables following the end of the school holiday period.

The timetable for services 57/59/59A (Barnsley – Royston – Wakefield) and 226 (Barnsley to Thurnscoe) will also be altered to improve punctuality.

Following customer requests, service X19 (Barnsley to Robin Hood Airport) will see some minor timetable changes between Doncaster and Goldthorpe, and minor changes to the Saturday evening timetable which will mirror the Monday-Friday timetable.

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Reply Posted by Tom on Thursday August 21 2014 at 13:47
It would be nice to use buses, shame they are not affordable.

Walking to work is more profitable than working for crying out loud.

Reply Posted by Resident on Thursday August 21 2014 at 15:50
I see Royston still as the stone age bus service and the wakefeild service is no better more buses are needed after 6pm 2 an hour is not acceptable and no buses to wakefeild

Reply Posted by marc on Thursday August 21 2014 at 18:42
should be a bus service from royston to mapp...and 1 that goes through mapp to kexborough ...roll on the future when everybody travels by elephant and camel

Reply Posted by guido fawkes on Thursday August 21 2014 at 18:49
I always thought that a bus went from map to kex then onto huddersfield.

Reply Posted by worker bee on Thursday August 21 2014 at 20:27
Its ok improving the 66 service if you actually noticed the difference.. They still never run on time.thats if they ever actually turn up in the first place...it would be nice if they actually catered for us that DO work weekends.. Not everyone works 9-5 mon to fri....why do they insist on removing the bus used by workers in the week on a saturday.. Im sick of paying extortionate taxi fares just to get to work at the weekend. We deserve a.better service Stagecoach!!

Reply Posted by Netty on Friday August 22 2014 at 07:59
About time too. Live on Ben Bailey estate and it's a proper nightmare for my 70 year old mum to visit me n my family as the lundwood route dropped her off halfway up lundwood so she had a right trek, not very good when she can hardly walk!! The readferns route went no where near it went fish dam lane way MY POOR LONELY MUM hope this helps her to visit and does not involve loads of walking! Listen to your customers Stagecoach!

Reply Posted by Sam on Friday August 22 2014 at 08:44
Netty, you pretend you care about your old mum but really you don't. You live on a Ben Bailey estate, yet you leave her to catch a bus and then trek to see you. How about you pick her up in your car or if you don't have one, pay for her a taxi. Ben Bailey homes aren't cheap so you live the high life while your poor mum gets **** wet through when she visits you. It's down to your selfishness, not Stagecoach's service!

Reply Posted by killkenny on Friday August 22 2014 at 09:21
Dunt use ERM get a car .

Reply Posted by Me on Monday August 25 2014 at 16:27
They need to improve a shelter at Harrington court it's the only stop in lundwood that doesn't have one. I use this stop every day to get my daughter to school and it's shocking in the winter as the pair of us end up wet through.

Reply Posted by worsbrough on Wednesday August 27 2014 at 01:10
Jesus christ the changeing more than weather

Reply Posted by Nicola on Wednesday August 27 2014 at 15:45
I've had an email from John Young telling me that stagecoach will not put a bus service on at all to Manvers from our forgotten village of Great Houghton because they won't get enough revenue !!! There's bus services running every 10/15 mins around Barnsley not even half full ..

Reply Posted by didlidoink on Wednesday August 27 2014 at 19:45
Improved service for better punctuality my arse.was waiting 40 mins for a 57 bus today then 3 came at once and the 59 bus was 20 mins late

Reply Posted by killkenny on Wednesday August 27 2014 at 20:04
I nominate her for driver lmao just thinking about it .

Reply Posted by me on Friday August 29 2014 at 13:21
What about putting a service back on rowland road just passed the hospital. They took it off a few years back. Lots of old folk live on this street and find it difficult to walk up the big hill to either get to hospital for an appointment or to go into town. I often see them walking passed my window out of breath and struggling to walk.

Reply Posted by Guido fawkes on Friday August 29 2014 at 13:27

Reply Posted by Alan Griffiths on Friday August 29 2014 at 15:18
The X19 should stop at Oakwell Lane. But only the last X19 towards Barnsley before the reds kick off.

Reply Posted by Zena on Monday December 14 2015 at 22:50
By doing away with paper bus timetables you have made it so much harder for people to plan there trips when at home iv tryed several times to search on into net for timetable 57 Royston Barnsley carnt find timetable no where