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Improvement Noticed In Town Centre's Cleanliness, Report Says

Thursday August 21 2014

A 'VAST' improvement has been recognised in the town centre since enforcement officers were brought in to clamp down on litterers, according to the council.

A progress report has been released by the authority outlining its progress in the first quarter of 2014/15.

Camera-wearing officers have been prowling the town centre's streets, carrying out litter and dog fouling controls in a bid to keep the area clean.

The report said: "The impact is clearly apparent and the town centre team have commented on the vast improvement in cleanliness.

"It is intended that these measures will not only respond to public demand but will, over time, help to change attitudes about littering and responsibility for the environment."

The first quarter has seen 338 fixed penalties issued, which is already almost twice the number issued for the entire 2013/14 year.

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Reply Posted by banana on Friday August 22 2014 at 12:06
can you send em to locke park. hahahaha. that will be a big fat no..

Reply Posted by dog lover on Saturday August 23 2014 at 07:00
What about moving on druggies on and advising some of people that good bath n change of clothes wouldn't go a miss as never mind streets been clean some of the people in it stink too makes me gip.

Reply Posted by Mondo Ray on Saturday August 23 2014 at 09:16
As dog lover said they arent targetting the problem though are they, on any given day in barnsley there are large groups of alcoholics and drug addicts in barnslet, openly drinking swearing and trying to score. Its not the kids either these are adults. Its all good and well intimidating and charging a mum cos little timmy has dropped a sausage roll with their imitation police/military uniforms but when are they going to address the real issues. There were laws introduced in the town centre about moving people on if they are ddemed to be anti social. They arent enforced. My guess is they don't have the balls, and this has now become a revenue building excercise for the council. And until the council get rid of the addicts swearing and being off their faces in the town no amount of park benches and flower beds will have me fetch my kids in

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Saturday August 23 2014 at 10:57
Yup totally agree.
The smack rats and alchos are the "real litter" in the town centre.
The law you speak of are "get out of town orders" which basically bars anyone from a certain radius of the town centre.
The police have these powers so why not use them?

I was in town last week and the shouty alchos were outside peel street lavs supping their cans of "spesh" and arguing amongst themselves.

No point spending millions on the town if these people cant be swept up first.

Reply Posted by Left wing and proud on Saturday August 23 2014 at 13:56
Steveo so you mean undesirables in the town centre to be swept up and got rid of mmmmm bit like Adolf hittler syndrome what you don't like you want to get rid of what next trying to get rid of the elected council of Barnsley and putting in a steveo council I know sweep away all who won't agree with your views you go on the pretence of championing people's rights but you really want is to champion your own views or get swept away.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Monday August 25 2014 at 14:59
Aye if tha wants.

If Barnsley is to survive, prosper and indeed get the millions of pounds in development money then it has to become more people friendly to attract shoe leather on the pavement does it not?

It isn't good when the shouty alchos and smack rats are out in force and I have said this before and I will say it again, why on earth would I want to go into town to be shouted at by the cranks who reside outside peel street lavs or get pestered for "busfare" by the smackrats?

The "swept up" comment was also a generalisation which is also in the subject of the post, if you want to construe my post as being right wing then that's up to you.
Nothing could be further from the truth, but we have this wonderful thing in this country called the right to free speech so everyone is entitled to their own opinion,

Reply Posted by Department against drug & alcohol abuse on Saturday August 23 2014 at 14:38
@mondoray by stereotyping drug addicts and alcoholics you are doing them an injustice drug and alcohol addiction runs on all levels of our society from doctors judges Politicians to out of work people and the poor all of them need help to over come these addictions I am not writing that your fundamental post is not right but to get them of the street you must first attack the addiction not move them some where else to find out that you have lost a family member as specially a young one through drug or drink addiction well you don't want to go through it

Reply Posted by bananas on Sunday August 24 2014 at 11:22
get shut of all the do gooders. problem solved.

Reply Posted by Derek on Sunday August 24 2014 at 12:10
@Department against drug & alcohol abuse. Grow up. You know exactly what they are talking about. Stop their benefits and get them out of our town centre. It's belters like you lot who allow these people to keep on abusing. Next you'll be telling us it's not their fault.

Reply Posted by Tom on Monday August 25 2014 at 03:24
Reduce their benefits by £100 per week and the will have to steal £400 of goods to get £100 to feed their addiction.
Prescribe them drugs what cost £100 on the streets for under £1 via the NHS and you reduce acquisitive crime.

Most of the problems with drugs are due to their prohibition.

Drug users do not need to be punished, humiliated and forced into poverty. They need help to manage and control their drug use, especially if it is problematic. Be it a legal drug such as alcohol, or an illegal one like heroin.

Drug users can function in society if we change our attitude to drugs and drug use. The hang them and flog them brigade do not provide any cost effective solutions to problematic drug use. Current policy with respect to drugs is a complete failure. We need to look at how drug use can be reduced and how associated crime can be reduced. We have the answer, it is decriminalisation and treating drug use as a health problem.

Using drugs does not harm other people. What a person consumes is their own business. If people steal to fund a drug habit, they are doing something that harms another person, they are committing 'theft'. The drug use is not a violent act in itself.
By all means punish people for stealing, but not for using drugs. If an expensive drug habit is being funded by theft, then the person suffering addiction needs help to quit the drugs, and punishment for stealing.

Reply Posted by Mad Bert on Monday August 25 2014 at 10:54
You need to be drunk and on drugs to appreciate anything happening in town at the moment!

Reply Posted by get a life on Monday August 25 2014 at 14:22
The enforcement officers have been brought in for a reason. If they were brought in for druggies and alcoholics AM sure they wud do a good job at that as well. Call the police. That's what there for.

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