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Artist's Impression Of New Town Centre Released

Tuesday August 5 2014

New shopping boulevard New shopping boulevard

A NEW shopping boulevard, a town square, market hall and central library will be in the town centre in three years' time.

The pencil sketches show off the proposed plans as part of a £41 million redevelopment scheme, which will also create more parking spaces.

Sir Steve Houghton, leader of Barnsley Council, said he was keen to make sure that people were supportive of the plans.

"We’ve asked hundreds of people and held several working groups," he added. "People were clear about what they wanted.

"We were told loud and clear that Barnsley needs to keep its markets, to create quality open spaces that feel safe and to make sure business servicing and parking needs are met.

"We hope these proposals will give confidence to local people and businesses, showing we’re serious about delivering these improvements.

"The next three years are going to be exciting, creating jobs and opportunities for people in Barnsley."

What do you think to the artist's impression of what our town will look like? Are you happy with the plans? Have your say below.

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Reply Posted by cat on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 09:59
I think. This is absolutly rediculous (sorry about spelling) 41 million re designin our town ! Our town has already a design so why can't they jst leave it n spend the money on something useful. It madens me to think in 3 years time barnsley will not be the same there tryin to make it look like different parts of the country wen clearly we shud be different !!!!

Reply Posted by John on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 12:01

Reply Posted by @John on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 12:55
What's with the derogatory remark John?

Reply Posted by guy fawkes on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 17:37
don't give us a sixth form college on library site give us more pals garden please no more carbuncles.

Reply Posted by Joan H on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 10:00
Fantastic to finally see it come to fruition. It's been a long time coming but it's the first time in years that there seems to be positivity around the place. I for one am looking forward to seeing the town progress.

Reply Posted by pessimist jeff on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 10:01
the plans look great, but we've seen ideas like this before. i won't get too excited until it's built...

Reply Posted by Tim on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 10:19
Who went to these meetings, dinosaurs?

Were there any young adults there? Im sure the younger generation don't want to shop at a market, they whant fashionable department stores and the like.

Modern Barnsley? Mmmmmm


The town lost most of its beautiful victorian buildings a long time ago thanks to our dumb Labour council.

Gone forever!

Reply Posted by Kev on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 12:06
The department stores don't want to come to Barnsley Tim. That's why the bigger development fell through. Too much competition from out of town centres on online shopping.

Reply Posted by sid on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 12:41
There are out of town centres at Donny and Wakey though Kev, and both of those towns are better than Barnsley for shops?

Reply Posted by sid on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 10:21
Markets are dying. Wakefield made Thiers smaller,it was rubbish,no one went,now they're knocking it down. Old fashioned and isn't what I would like to see.

Reply Posted by Rob on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 13:03
Well said Sid.

Wakefield for instance has a lot more choice. They have the trendy stores, they have the Starbucks and Costa (yes, Barnsley does have a Costa coffee shop, the only thing that's trendy in Barnsley) and the nice eatery, Nandos springs to mind.

Excuses, excuses, Barnsley would benefit from these major outlets, just look at Costa for instance, it's more often than not packed to the raftas.

Reply Posted by Agree with sid on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 10:33
Backward thinking again by BMBC. Yes it's nice that they're redeveloping the town but come on, do we really need to have the market as the main feature.

Forward thinking? I think not!

Reply Posted by Richard on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 10:44
One of the things that makes Barnsley different and what people come for is the market. I've had plenty out of town friends say that they wish their town had a market as good. The meat and fish market is excellent for value and quality. Hopefully the new market won't lose what we have. Look at Leeds and Sheffield markets - they are great as well.

Reply Posted by sid on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 11:15
Cant agree Richard. Last fish I got from Barnsley was off,and was binned. The last fruit I bought was bruised,so poor. Leeds market is full of old fashioned clothes,but thier meat market is good. Really the markets cant compete with the supermarkets and poundshops,its a shame as I for one do enjoy tradition but I want good produce for my money and not last years fashion. To succeed,the market has got to be differant to as it is now,and Im not talking about the building. Its usually my last port of call if I bother at all. Sorry.

Reply Posted by guy fawkes on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 17:32
Leeds market try and buy crab meat there oven bottom cakes are garbage.

Reply Posted by Tim Bennett on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 10:47
All for modernising, but having a market as the main go-to place? Come on. That's not a modern way of thinking. Like it or not, markets are dying. Take Wakefield as an example. If we're building a better Barnsley for the future, I'll expect to see big name department stores and trendy restaurant chains.

Reply Posted by cat on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 11:29
A few improvements I don't mind bt when there destoying our town as we know it its awful
I say we need new councilors :)

Reply Posted by Cal on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 12:53
Why moan about this. Bet the people moaning are the same people who won’t go into town due to the options there.

These designs although not clear are welcomed by myself, the current town has shops that are too small for major shops. And Debenhams isn’t not coming because they don’t want to, it’s because they were in trouble with major losses.

If we rebuild then the shops will come, no major chains want to move into what we have at the moment and you would be a fool to think the council have not been in touch with shops to see what they would want.

Well done Barnsley Council, only fault is it should have been completed by now with all the talk and planning.

Reply Posted by grinds my gears on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 13:57
Look at last fridays chronicle, on the front is a diagram of the proposed work, all that seems to be happening is an extension to the market, a new library and foot bridge. Areas marked 2-6 are cleared land that will be 'AVAILABLE' to private development. If no one wanted to be part of the old plan why would they come now, this could kill barnsley centre once and for all

Reply Posted by Mine too on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 14:20
No one at the Town Hall can sell the place to prespective buyers/buisnesses. The Town Hall needs a clear out, it's full of dead wood taking the people of Barnsley for a ride.

Plans for a Tuscan Village were put forward 11 years ago a multiplex cinema. Since then numerous plans have been drawn up but all we have to show for it is a few removed raised beds and the Mushroom demolished.

BMBC have missed the boat and we're now seeing the impact it has had.

Reply Posted by Get Real on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 15:25
"An extension to the market" Yes and then the current indoor market (Metropolitan Centre) closed, refurbished and new units available for NEW shops!! Some people really do know how to moan. I for one cannot wait to see the back of the awful 70's brown concrete. For all we know quite a lot of retailers may have already pre-let units once they're available, lots of things happen behind the scenes. I'm extremely happy to see that progress is already being made.

Reply Posted by Ray on Friday August 8 2014 at 08:42
Get real you're not being promised the back of the brown concrete though are you? you're getting refurbished. There's no indication of any cladding or structural changes. For all you know it may well be just be a lick of paint if you're lucky. I suspect what we'll get will be expensive but looks cheap.

Reply Posted by grinds my gears on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 16:05
Yes and existing market holders not happy with rent increase when it opens. What progress flower beds gone and mushroom demolished. And yes we can moan after years of been let down by the council, if we can't even fill the old market and shops can we expect to fill an enlarged one

Reply Posted by Get Real on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 08:44
The same flower beds that were full of mice and litter? The same Mushroom that was used for unsociable people to congregate in the centre of town? Yes, it's progress. Plans have been released before and nothing has ever come to fruition yet this time just a week after we are seeing change.

Reply Posted by You Get Real on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 08:58
You must work for BMBC Mr Get Real. The unsociable people you're on about sit on the plinth and hang around the Yorkshire bank, are they going to remove these aswell?

You Get Real pal!

Reply Posted by Get Real on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 09:35
This was removed on Monday ; ) I'm real!

Reply Posted by You Get Real on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 10:11
And what about the Yorkshire bank? have they remove this awsell?


Reply Posted by guy fawkes on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 17:35
When we were having a Tuscan village we had a model to look at can we have the same with this as pictures don't give a true reflection.

Reply Posted by Get Real on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 08:34
There are no physical building plans to show like there was before. The plans so far are designed to show how it "may" look. The council are wanting developers to come forward and design the buildings for the development areas they've identified. The only details we know currently is that the TEC, Central Offices, Multi-Storey Car Park and Carpet World buildings will be demolished.

Reply Posted by Archie on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 18:37
There are some very nice stalls on the market and well set out that the traders take pride in. Unfortunately if the shambles I've seen today that poses as an antiques and secondhand market is anything to go by, people will take one look at that when its on the precinct and go home. Stuff just thrown on stalls, broken, dirty items for sale. Why aren't market inspectors policing it?

Reply Posted by guy fawkes on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 19:12
Archie Tuesday go to Huddersfield a lot better but the best round here chesterfield Thursday there my tips for you on antiques round here.

Reply Posted by True Red on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 19:34
Antiques there's to many on the council now variety that's the way forward if the new market can give the shopper the choice they want and make them feel welcome and a bit special then they will keep coming back, if we can get a blend of modern and keep some of our architectural heritage then I hope Barnsley will be on top of people's shopping list as the first place to visit when they want to buy.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 19:58
Hmmm bit torn on this one...

I USED to love going on the market when I was a young en, back then you could basically get anything you wanted and it was always reasonably priced.
I have got to admit I only visit the market now to get my dads cig papers and filters and it has changed so much over the last 30 years.
I went in last week and half the stalls were empty..
Cheaper shops such as Primark, Sports Direct (to name but a few) have also caused the demise of markets across the country.

I personally think the market needs to be SMALLER than what it is now and for the Market to be the "showstopper" that "people will travel from miles around to visit" (according to BMBC) is very narrow sighted on the councils part.

Someone further up the page mentioned starbucks and costa etc, to a certain extent I agree we have to embrace the "chique café culture" to "move on".

Remember the furore when walkabout put tables and chairs outside the bar?
It is normal in other towns and cities so why not copy their forward thinking and embrace it?

Problem is not only are BMBC stuck in a timewarp so are its residents.

Change and death are inevitable......

Reply Posted by Get Real on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 08:31
Looking at the plans the actual market area is going to be smaller. The indoor market areas are being moved towards the far corner of the Metropolitan Centre as well as a new glass fronted extension. The outdoor market seems to comprise of just a few stalls on the public square. Whilst this will be the "feature" of the development I think many people are getting the wrong end of the stick here!

Reply Posted by Den on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 20:34
Chuffin hell Steveo don't you start having a pop at Barnsley folk as well. There's plenty of forward thinking, intelligent people in this town.

Reply Posted by guy fawkes on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 21:02
den@ where?

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 22:45
Yes I agree, my post was rather sentimental wasn't it?
Sentiment doesn't drive a modern forward thinking society and indeed reality though does it?
Look back thirty years (sentimental) we had three major department stores, woollies, BHS, Littlewoods and a shoe shop on every corner, freeman hardy willis, dolcis, saxone to name but a few...
Menswear, ken Ellis's, Ray allen, Frank Bird, sugg sports, don valley sports,GT sports, Top sports supplies, again to name but a few....

We also had Casa Disco, Boots (records,) Andys Records, Marys Records and even a stall on the market that sold new releases....

We STILL have a few independent retailers that are still lying the flag and holding on by the skin of their bare teeth... (cant be arsed to name as the "regular posters" know the three shops that I regularly visit in town)

These independent retailers are the lifeblood of the towns economy and (hopefully) will remain so for a long time to come.

Peoples shopping habits change, people change and shops change it is a never ending conveyor belt of change, one only has to look at the Alhambra / Mall to see just how much shops have changed over the years.

To see that Sports Direct / Primark / TKMAXX being the "lynchpin" stores in our town depresses me.

BUT, they provide CHEAP items which the people of our town want.

Said this before but the old arcade IS the jewel in the crown as far as I am concerned tis a real pity that there is a constant conveyor belt of shops that come and flow just like the tide up the arcade.

There ARE plenty of forward thinking intelligent people in this town just look at dan sharp @ the 8oz burger company, this shop will do well and I wish him all the best.....

With all that said look at the calibre of shops that have "replaced" the major department stores since, namely:
Sports Direct

Isn't for particularly good reading is it?

One success story is Originals Footwear up the old Arcade which has gone from strength to strength as the owner gives the punters exactly what they what at a reasonable price and has a great "web" presence too.

Reply Posted by guy fawkes on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 23:10
The people of Barnsley will only get the quality of retail. That matches the finances of there pay packets depressing but true.

Reply Posted by Fred on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 08:14
Rubbish! More people from Barnsley go to Meadowhall, Leeds and so on more than ever now.

Barnsley is full of low price stores but it's always like a ghost town. Not many people from Barnsley want to pick up these bargins now do they?

I suppose you were one of the people who moaned about Costa coffee been expensive, but the people of Barnsley have embraced it and it's always packed.

Reply Posted by Get Real on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 08:35
*Being not been ; )

Reply Posted by guy fawkes on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 16:05
Fred your right in a way because the only people in Barnsley with any buying power are those on pension nowadays go in marks and sparks look at the age group buying but what happens Fred when they've gone,so my comment about pay packets is not wrong is it pay a crap wage and like you say you ain't getting the quality are you where's the rubbish in that,again Costa coffee to me means Costa a packet but I am not on a pension so to me I would say that wouldn't eye.

Reply Posted by sensis on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 20:39
I think the design could have been more inspiring only minor changes seem to have been made yet the cost is phenomenal. Do councillors not visit other cities and towns such as Leeds who have renovated their old arcades and provided a market as well with excellent eateries. Unfortunately vision is not something BMBC seem to have.

Reply Posted by guy fawkes on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 22:41
Sensis take them to Sheffield winter gardens water features sculpture.

Reply Posted by Get Real on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 08:37
Have you been in hiding for the last 8 years? The plans initially were to demolish that whole side of town and re-build the whole area. Unfortunately the funding just isn't available to do so.

Reply Posted by Brian on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 17:43
The funding would have been there had the council got their act together earlier.

Reply Posted by anon on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 21:17
Markets are not a way forward. They are from yesteryear,they've had their day and can't compete with other shops. To go down this route is not forward thinking,its at best stagnant thinking. If we are to build Barnsley around a market,then I fear for the future.

Reply Posted by Get Real on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 08:39
People are so missing the point here. Barnsley was once famous for its markets, they're trying to use this as a feature to make the development stand out from others. New shops, better shops, more leisure activities will come from this development. It's not just a tidy up of the markets.

Reply Posted by You Get Real on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 08:47
Why don't they just build a pit head while they're at it Get Real.

Your name fits you nicely. What utter drivel

You must work for BMBC.

Reply Posted by Get Real on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 09:39
What a charming person you are!

Reply Posted by Lol @Get Real on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 09:46
Thank you very much! :)

The smiley was just for you.

Reply Posted by lol on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 10:06
This coming from a person who goes by the name of *Get Real* which is probably aimed at posters with a different opinion to his/her.

Reply Posted by Yup on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 10:26

BMBC written all over it.

He/she should stick to drinking tea and dipping rich tea's at the Town Hall.

Reply Posted by Get Real on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 11:12
I can assure you I do not work for BMBC. However, I do like Rich Tea biscuits.

Reply Posted by Den on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 21:19
Jog on guy fawkes, I definitely wasn't on about you.

Reply Posted by guy fawkes on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 23:32
den@ no need for rudeness now. now keep running and maybe you will find what you are looking for,

Reply Posted by sbsbsbshs on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 22:32
I'm just glad those hideous buildings are going from the town centre. It's an eye sight looking at those coloured panels and walking through the market seeing those pictures with out of date fashion on. I'm surprised it's 2014 and they haven't done anything before, if they mess this up, methinks we should get a refund on our council tax to pay for it!!!

Reply Posted by Den on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 23:40
Usual drivel.

Reply Posted by StegerAffe on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 23:52
I disagree with the comment about markets are from yesteryear. Countries like Germany, France and a few other's in Europe still have fantastic markets, even our capital still has markets, so why can't we. God Germany even make a tourist attraction out of their Christmas market, you can even visit it in September. I'm all for the new plans, it adds modernism with still the history of Barnsley being a market town. Instead of moaning embrace these changes and remember there is more important things going on in life than a re-development of our town.

Reply Posted by sid on Tuesday August 5 2014 at 23:59
Well stegeraffe,I hope you're right to be fair about the market. One thing though,I reckon the re development of Barnsley is very important to people who's livelihoods depend on its success.

Reply Posted by guy fawkes on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 07:31
I can reassure you I have been to brussels alas that's the nature of my ambitions to explore and educate myself in the ways of the world try it enlighten yourself .

Reply Posted by 4ft11andshrinking on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 09:15
Well, Barnsley council planning dept, you can change the environment but you will never change the clients. I for one can never get a seat for none smokers, there should be some! The fact that Primark opened in Barnsley and every other Town, is solely because the money in our pockets is less now than it's ever been, so they have a target audience. Simple isn't it!

Reply Posted by grinds my gears on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 13:24
Is this the same get real who criticised me for saying only work was market extension and demolition, only to say same later, well done finally seen the plans then. Barnsley town centre RIP

Reply Posted by ###22 on Wednesday August 6 2014 at 16:12
* facepalm*

Reply Posted by THE TRUTH on Friday August 8 2014 at 17:28
The best thing for the town centre is to bulldoze the lot apart from buildings older than 100yrs. And replace them with what was built in the 19th C. The town centre is a dump, All thanks to the council and their stupid ideas of regeneration. Look back to the 60's regeneration, they built a horrid concrete monstrosity that is now empty. A library they have now nocked down and many other trashy so called modern buildings. This 'new scheme' will look shoddy in 15 years. PLUS, who in their right mind goes into barnsley, it is a freak show. Druggies, drunks, unemployed, foreigners, fighting, shouting, smoking, breeding too many chavvy scrote kids. It is a not a safe environment, why even enter the hole that it is.

Reply Posted by Charlie N on Saturday August 9 2014 at 22:06
I've been working on market today and have spoken to people from both Huddersfield and Sheffild who come to Barnsley to shop and specifically the market because Huddersfield market is in their words 'rubbish' and Sheffield has 'been killed off by moving market and putting it inside'. Yes, I know there are empty stalls but the people who do turn up and set up their stalls go to a great deal of effort to do so, so a bit of support doesn't hurt. The only thing that needs to happen is the market inspectors or managers need to get off their backsides and shift the lowlife that insist on using empty stalls as picnic tables and somewhere to meet their mates and shout and swear at each other!

Reply Posted by So Tired on Sunday August 10 2014 at 06:39
Anything is an improvement to the run down apology of a town centre we have at the moment, I laughed at the "Telly Tubby" bus station - its turning out to be the best thing in the town.

You can do all you like with the town centre but also have to remove the charity shop mentality amongst the shoppers, the low life 'handabouts' and remove the "jobs for the boys" Councillors from the Town Hall and replace them with professionals who know what they are doing - Labour has failed Barnsley and without the money the coal industry fetched in they are clueless what to do.

Reply Posted by Flutterz on Sunday August 10 2014 at 17:46
This was told to us a few years back and still nothing has been done, it's a long time coming so yes we don't believe a word of it. If you got a move on then we'll start seeing some hope coming back to our town!
You keep throwing this and that at us, so come on, do something about it right now, not in yet another 3 years time.....