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Shoplifter Escapes Jail After Supermarket Raid

Friday July 25 2014

Barnsley Magistrates' Court Barnsley Magistrates' Court

A SHOPLIFTER who raided a supermarket in Barnsley has been given a suspended jail term.

Jonathan Michael Beardsley, 35, from Goldthorpe, was given a 26-week jail sentence, suspended for a year, despite loading shopping baskets with drink, food and other items at a branch of Asda.

Barnsley Magistrates' Court was told he and his accomplice, Luke James Sharkey, 27, from Thurnscoe, dropped their loot during a chase and jumped in a car.

Jayne Ormrod, prosecuting, said: "An eyewitness noted the registration number, the police were alerted and the car was stopped near the M1 roundabout at Birdwell."

Brian Bushell, for Beardsley, said he needed money to buy his daughter a birthday present and was in debt because he had not received any benefits in seven months.

Julian Brook, for Sharkey, said his client was "a bright young man" with seven GCSEs and vocational qualifications.

He said Sharkey was in debt to the tune of £6,000 and he had committed the offence because money was tight.

Sharkey's case was adjourned until July 29 and he was granted unconditional bail.

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Reply Posted by plod on Friday July 25 2014 at 11:33
What about community service for this intelligent thief? Its just laughable,he,ll be out sunning himself today. All he,s had in effect is a telling off,no punishment. He should have done some unpaid work for Asda.

Reply Posted by Daz on Friday July 25 2014 at 12:32
What a joke, send this scumbag down.

Reply Posted by kizz on Friday July 25 2014 at 13:01
What a joke,just keep letting them rob and get away with it!!

Reply Posted by Mr C on Friday July 25 2014 at 18:38
Its not crime of the century its not like he stole of a person or burgled someone's house or business

Reply Posted by fred on Tuesday July 29 2014 at 09:17
asda is a business

Reply Posted by Big Cess on Friday July 25 2014 at 19:17
It's because of idiots like this that the country is on it's arse!! Although he may not have stolen or robbed anyone, he has still committed a crime. It is thefts like this that cause insurance premiums to rise and they are passed onto other businesses. Not to mention wasting tax payers money by wasting police time, court costs and whatever the price is of setting up a suspended sentence. Strict laws would see these type of crimes stop. Minimum of 5 years for reoffending theives. They'll soon stop doing it

Reply Posted by mr big on Friday July 25 2014 at 20:02
look they had to go art t nick t buy stuff . if u r not from or born in england they wud have got all that stuff for nothing plus a 50 inch tv

Reply Posted by the punisher on Friday July 25 2014 at 21:59
if they was not born here they would have been given money to buy it keep money to send it to were they come from and just nicked it anyway.

Reply Posted by The Truth on Saturday July 26 2014 at 09:32
Pffft! They should get jobs like the rest of the country instead of blaiming benefits system!! No excuse!! And hes in that much debt he had to steal food and beer... But hes got a car???? No benefits for 7 month but hes got a car?? He manages to pay for a car to escape in, Manages to pay for petrol tax and insurance but cant manage to support his own daughter!?? What a waste of space! No sympathy he should of gone down!!!

Reply Posted by bananas on Sunday July 27 2014 at 11:53
off to the next shop then to try there luck. easy init 4 em.

Reply Posted by Donna on Tuesday July 29 2014 at 08:16
Think I may start going out taking what I want, seems there's no punishment these days. I'll come up with a lame excuse like it's cos my cat died and I'll be able to keep taking till I'm caught at least 50x.
The legal system in the country favours criminals, I'd be better off and more supported on the other side of the British justice system

Reply Posted by F7 on Tuesday July 29 2014 at 09:49
"An eyewitness noted the registration number,

Are people really that sad?
Some folk need to get a life.

Reply Posted by sid on Tuesday July 29 2014 at 10:02
Glad they did @f7. They were caught you numpty!

Reply Posted by F7 on Tuesday July 29 2014 at 10:09
Numpty - such a Barnsley word

Personally Sid, I would not feel comfortable grassing.Some folk have too much time on their hands.They need to mind their own business.

Reply Posted by sid on Tuesday July 29 2014 at 10:18
I would grass them up all day long f7. One day you may need a Grasser on your side,you won't be saying that then.
Power to the Grasser's I say!

Reply Posted by Me, here, now on Tuesday July 29 2014 at 10:28
We assume the car was taxed and insured. How the hell can he be let off if there are witnesses ?? My heart bleeds for him not getting any benefits for 7 months...try getting a bloody job like the rest of the decent people in Barnsley

Reply Posted by not a numpty on Tuesday July 29 2014 at 14:40
If everyone turned a blind eye to crime f7 people would get away with everything. Bet your view would change if you had your wallet/purse nicked or it happened to your grandma then ud be glad of observant people who take notice of whats gojng off...!!!

Reply Posted by Rubydoo on Tuesday July 29 2014 at 17:53
Yet again, another story that shows we are too soft on crime.
They both need locking up and both need to grow up. Take responsibility for your actions and yourself. These 2 'men' are obviously physically fit, well get a job and feed and look after yourselves and your offspring the same as everyone else does.
Our fallen war Heroes, especially WW1 and WW2 gave their lives for this country and we are going to the dogs quicker than ever.

We need to stop this rapid decline and be tough on all crime to raise standards. God help us.

Reply Posted by lauren on Thursday July 31 2014 at 15:04
An intelligent theif hmmm..... So intelligent he goes put shoplifting instead of goin out lookin for a job yeeeaah really intelligent NOT!!

Reply Posted by Luke Sharkey on Wednesday May 4 2016 at 20:31
Plod, BigChess, and all the other users slating me. For starters all you wanna-be lawyers out there who seem to think they know better. I did get punished, are you saying a suspended jail term isn't punishment? and I did get community service and a £500 fine, I think someone forgot to mention that. The basket was worth about £50 and they got that back anyway. I think people are also getting a little confused, there's two people mentioned I was the one with the car, I'm not the one with a daughter, you people read what you want to read, end of the day it was a few bits from a Huge multibillion dollar company who what? DONT PAY ANY *****NG TAX. BOOO HOO, my heart bleeds, some fat cat is going to have to struggle with his quater of a million pound wage! haha, Seriously some of you muppets need to take a reality check