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Residents Express Concern At Development Proposals

Tuesday July 29 2014

MORE than 500 residents flocked to express their anger at plans for up to 2,000 homes on green belt land.

House builder Strata and planning consultants Spawforths also want to put up industrial units, a new school and a link road on land between Barugh Green and Pogmoor.

The two firms held a consultation with residents last Tuesday - but the majority of those attending were opposed to the plans.

Representatives were quizzed on the number of houses, why industrial units are to be built when ones at Dodworth remain empty, and why a green belt site has been chosen.

Nicola and John Conway, of Mawfield Road, Barugh Green, said they had spent money extending their house and enjoyed the open views.

Nicola, 32, said: "We are a young family, we've got four girls, and I can open my French doors and literally feed the horses.

"It was a perfect family home where you could grow up and grow old. What I'm getting now is industrial units and a busy road - it's absolutely ridiculous."

The developer has asked the council to include the site in its 'Local Plan' which identifies potential sites for residential and industrial development.

John England, strategic land director with Strata, said: "I think people wrongly think it's a done deal - it isn't. It's part of a number of sites that are put forward as part of this process."

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Reply Posted by Diane on Friday August 1 2014 at 16:25
They should leave the greenbelt places alone.. There are plenty of industrial buildings which is empty.. there are other places you can build on... all you got to do is look in the right place....

Reply Posted by Stevenhorsley on Friday August 1 2014 at 19:22
The only thing Barnsley council will think about is the council tax revenue. Nothing else matters. They're not bothered what the riff raff residents think!

Reply Posted by Steve on Sunday August 3 2014 at 14:31
It's all about money. Barnsley council easily one of the most corrupt, spend on nit combs and stick it outside one of the nicest Town halls in the country whilst all the smack heads hang round town swearing dealing drugs. Trouble is with Barnsley is if Ronald Macdonald was the labour candidate for Barnsley they would still vote for him. Barnsley is sinking.

Reply Posted by Donna on Sunday August 3 2014 at 17:27
Y don't they put these thing is areas that are already built up and in need of regeneration such as the dearn area where jobs are in short fall and need housing investments to rebuild the community. People will buy the houses who are employed bringing the areas out of the poverty line bring back business from all over and encourage normal values and drug use out.
These areas are crying out for help and no one wants more green belt land destroying.
There's 1000s of derilyct houses in Barnsley rebuild these first, then tell me there's a housing shortage!

Reply Posted by Dave M. on Sunday August 3 2014 at 17:49
Strata is aptly named for the design of houses and flats they build, where people are tightly packed and layered on top of each other. Having looked at the estates they've built, I believe they'll be the tenement slums of the future and all already have expressions of interest by buy-to-let landlords. If the council have any common sense, they'll stipulate minimum square footage living area and no-buy-to let mortgages on the properties for 5 years.