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Hospital Gets National Recognition

Wednesday July 23 2014

Barnsley Hospital Barnsley Hospital

BARNSLEY Hospital's emergency department has been rated as the best in the country for the quality of their training.

Each year the General Medical Council ask second-year trainee doctors to rate the quality of training where they're working at that particular time.

This year's results have shown that Barnsley Hospital was rated the best in the country.

Dr David Walker, consultant at the hospital, said: "Our trainees regularly tell us that they're pleased with the quality of training they received.

"It's nice to have this confirmed in these results."

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Reply Posted by anon on Wednesday July 23 2014 at 20:29
Where does it all go wrong then? We were treat abysmally recently. I honestly believe some poor sod is going to die, down to pure incompetence in A&E. Sorry but its true.They must be training them and then shipping them elsewhere as we didn't meet one. I'm not tarring all of the staff with the same brush as obviously there are some good people there,let's hope next time my little family needs them there are a few on duty.

Reply Posted by Dale on Thursday July 24 2014 at 08:13
I can't fault the A&E Dept, they were really good with my dad. The problem started when he was transferred to the ward where he died 6hrs later.

Reply Posted by anon on Thursday July 24 2014 at 10:03
That's so sad Dale. Just wondering if he had a 3 hour wait to see a doctor? 3 hours can be the difference between life and death. Im quite happy to wait 3 hours for most things if its unavoidable, but not in an emergency, with a screaming child.To say Barnsley has won this praise makes me wonder about the rest of the country. Thank god my family haven't needed hospital much at all, and maybe we have dropped on exceptional circumstances within the workings of A&E. I do hope so for the ones that need it.

Reply Posted by Margaret on Friday July 25 2014 at 11:11
We are all entitled to our opinions and I have no complaints with Barnsley hospital always been treat well you will always get someone who has had a bad experience that's why I don't like Rotherham hospital

Reply Posted by Bekkie on Sunday July 27 2014 at 23:56
This hospital sent me home with chronic pneumonia, the next day I was sedated in ICU, but last week the Dr there in A and E was fantastic..... Hit and miss, then again as on a struggling delivery the health pro's were amazing, I dis get hit two weeks ago with my broken toes by a cleaner who proclaimed I was sat in the wrong place....? after seeing doni and rotherham. I guess my choice would be barnsley, some flaws and all, I think there should be mire mental health training from what I've seen....

Reply Posted by Rach on Monday July 28 2014 at 17:15
I have never had any bad experiences at BDGH. If myself or my family have ever had to use it then we have been treated accordingly, maybe once or twice there has been a long wait but that's only to be expected at certain times during the week. I have nothing but praise for the vast majority of health professionals, they do a fantastic job in my eyes, it's a free service after all, a little patience and understanding on the patients side wouldn't go amiss either. Doctors and nurses have feelings too and are regularly abused and attacked. Well done to all :) :)

Reply Posted by Collet on Monday July 28 2014 at 22:02
Have been going to Barnsley Hospital,old ones and the new ones,for 75 years,had ups and downs,had to wait some times, and not at other times,always as in life always take the bad with the good, have never complained,thank you to all Drs nurses and all the staff BGH,thank god your there,and all the people that complain, you can use other local hospitals,?

Reply Posted by anon on Monday July 28 2014 at 22:24
That's a nice post @collet. If in future my child is injured and screaming for 3 hours,I will try a different hospital. I would be a negligent parent if I allowed this to happen again wouldn't I. I won't gamble with my kids if there's a better alternative. I'm sure I speak for the majority of parents if they had been in my shoes.

Reply Posted by richard on Monday July 28 2014 at 23:10
anon your post are getting dire more and more.. get a life you fool!!

Reply Posted by anon on Monday July 28 2014 at 23:21
@Richard,I'm just posting what happened to my family. So get knotted.